I will send you a book full of poems.
  The dense poems are crowded in a cage. You get all the poems, but you can't get the gap between them.
  The poems that landed in the leisurely places of Guangyu are now left behind.
  If you pick up a string of necklaces at midnight, you might be able to sell them at a high price in a shop. However, people with aesthetic appeal know why it depreciates.
  The vain heaven of devaluation cannot be said to have precise weight, but it is filled with emotions.
  Unfold your imagination: play a soft piece of music, a blue-eyed gem in the chest of speechless time - why not put it in the jewelry box to enjoy!
  In the palace of Vishalomadi Deye 1, the poet makes poetry every day. At that time, there was no time and space in the devil's smeared poetry of the printing house. There was no hydraulic grinding disc to grind the pulp of the poem, and a mouthful was deposited in the mouth. The poetry tastes to be enjoyed while listening to the tea after dinner.
  Hey, listening to the poems finally put on the shackles of vision; poetry flows in the library; the eternal cherished love is humiliated in the publishing market.
  No way! This is an era of literary groups. Poetry had to take the bus to meet the readers.
  The poetry spirit sighed with sigh: "Oh, if I was born in the age of Cara, if you were Pigarro Maddie, what would be the case..."
  What happened to me when I was born! I am afraid that it is also a succumb to the printing of the Cara, you are the heroine of the work, Marbibijia, bought a collection of poems and sat on a swivel chair to read. I don’t listen to reading with my eyes closed, and I won’t wear a jasmine garland to the poet.
  As long as you spend one yuan and two cents to buy this poem, everything will be fine.