Standing on the second floor window, you can see the corner of the pond.
  Padra month 1, the pond is full of water, shining with the luster of grass green silk, the long shade of the tree twists in the water.
  A few cress and taro were planted at the poolside. On the slightly inclined embankment, several betel trees stand face to face; there are oleanders, white lilies, and aromatic frangipani on the shore; the night scent that is left cold, like the poor. A row of loose flower trees form a natural fence.
  On the other side is a banana, a pomegranate, a coconut grove; in the distance, on the roof terrace shaded by green trees, a sari is drying. A sturdy man with a towel wrapped around his head and a shirtless man sat on the stone steps to fish and spend time.
  Unconsciously it is afternoon.
  The rain washed in the air, the sun was languid, a pair of cold and sly look.
  The wind gently wrinkled the pool water. The leaves of Wendan are shining.
  I silently looked at it and suddenly felt that it was the illusion of the day that passed away. Through the gaps of the fence at this time, the appearance of a person many years ago flashed in my mind. Her Capricorn is warm, her words are sweet, and her eyes are straight and charming. She wore a elegant saree with a wide red overlay covering her feet.
  She laid a banquet in the garden and dusted it with a sari hem. When she drowned under the mango tree and the durian tree, the magpie shouted at the branches, and the starling jumped on the jujube tree with the tail scorpion.
  When I said goodbye to her, she was not able to speak a few words fluently.
  She stood behind the door and watched the back of my far away from the crack in the door. The tears gradually blurred her view.