You said that I am too fond of Dinu, and you are very annoyed for this.
  I like him, only to see him naughty, can't see him in trouble. I love him and I am angry with him. This is not a lie.
  Most ordinary people are like this. If it is not particularly sleek, the shortcomings are easy to find.
  The distressed Dinu is mischievous, but he is not bad at all. His faults are piles up, but they don't give people a sense of pressure. Sometimes I don’t know how to be pleasing to the eye, but I don’t feel disgusted in my heart.
  His emotions are like a canoe, galloping in the wind; praise him or reprimand him, he is not allowed to last too long, as the goods on this shore are shipped to the other side, and he does not put pressure on him, nor does he exert pressure on people.
  He is a lively hobby. His words are ridiculous, and it is inevitable to say a lot of wrong words. If there is nothing wrong, the dense tapestry of his speech will break. The fallacy is not in his heart, but in his language, knowing his grammar, it is not difficult to understand this.
  You said that he loves to pick the thorns, it is.
  However, he was questioned with exaggerated and distorted truth. The person he was blaming was not really bad. People who liked to listen to his nitpicking abound were everywhere. They are blamed nebulae, he is a star blamed, his brilliance comes from the nebula.
  In the final analysis, he is intelligent, but not good at thinking, so his lovely sin often causes a big laugh.
  When you see someone who is good at judging right and wrong and exploring subtleties, such laughter will come to an abrupt end. With them, the mental stress is too great to endure for a long time. Until they are occasionally dredged to expose the shortcomings, they can relax and feel spiritually relaxed.
  Now let's explain what is not considered.
  Naughty bag Makan on the Sanskrit class, painted the pot on the chair. The back of Mr.’s shirt was dark. Makan smiled, his classmates laughed, but Mr. did not laugh.
  The angry principal drove Makan out of school; the principal’s attitude was extremely serious and the concept of right and wrong was extremely strong. Taking advantage of him, the students swallowed their laughter into the belly.
  Dinu did the wrong thing without thinking, and did good things casually, and the wrong things were not in my heart.
  He borrowed things and did not pay attention to it, when others borrowed his things, he never went to the door to sue. In fact, he always suffered.
  Remember my words: If you just want to lick him, you can smile in your heart, otherwise you will make a big mistake.
  I don't care about right and wrong. I look at him nearby. He is a person. You look at it from a distance and put him on the dissection table.
  Compared to you, I count him more and forgive him more. I punished him, but did not exile him. I will stay with him like this, you should not blame.