On the banks of the Maulaki River, my sika deer and calves are inseparable from each other, and the relationship between them is the same as that of the red pine and Muhuya trees. The leaves of the red pine and Muhuya trees landed on the ground at the same time and landed on my window sill.
  In the morning, the sun quietly cast the shadow of the tall palm trees on the wall of my room.
  A red dirt road was stepped along the river, and wildflowers fell into the dust. Wendan flowers incense the air. The Chaul Tree, the Flame Tree, and the Mandala Tree are competing to blossom. The small basket of Sazna flowers swayed in the wind. The vines covered the fence by the Maulaki River.
  The red stone step climbed into the river. There are stout golden flower trees standing beside the pier. I have a bamboo bridge, and the glass basin in the bridge is planted with frangipani, jasmine, tuberose and white oleander. The stones in the deep water under the bridge are clearly visible, and the white goose swims in the river. Brown-yellow cows and variegated calves graze on the Maulaki River.
  The room is decorated with a light blue carpet of tea and a black border on the orange wall.
  I sit on the east side of the veranda every day, waiting for the rising sun.
  My neighbor's crisp voice, like the flash of a dancing girl's bracelet. The roof of her house climbed the morning glory vine. I never asked her to sing, but I often heard her sing very emotionally.
  Her husband is loyal, enthusiastic, and loves to read my work. Joking with him, he smiled at the right moment. The words he said were extremely popular and easy, but one night at around eleven o'clock, in the redwood forest by the Ma Yulaki River, he said a meaningful sentence, so that people had to reflect the eyes and boast that he is a poet.
  Behind the house are a few leeks, two acres of rice fields, a mango and a jackfruit orchard surrounded by hedges.
    Xiao Xiao  , my Fang is stirring the butter from the milk in a minor tune. Her husband rode a red dragon pony to go on a farm tour.
  The dirt road across the river plunged into the dense woods, from which there was a faint sound of the sound of the Shaotar people.
  In the winter, snake charmers set up simple tents on the banks of the Maulaki River.
  In fact, the Ma Yu Laji River will not be built as my new home now and in the future. I have never seen the Ma Yu Laki River and I have never heard of its name. Its name is the black smoke of the illusion on the eyelids, seen with the imaginary gaze.
  However, I feel that I can't stay here. My bleak heart is looking forward to saying goodbye to everything here and heading to the Maulaki River.