A ten-year-old boy in the village is quite like a weed under the wall - no gardener cares; receiving the caress of the sun, the air, the rain and the harassment of dust and insects; the goat licks a bit, the ox is stepping on one foot, not only Not willing to die, but grow stalks thick.
  He climbed the tree to fight the jujube, fell and broke the bone.
  He accidentally ate the poisonous wild fruit and was dizzy.
  On the festival of the gods, he went to see the float, and the float didn't see it. He didn't know where he was. He was tired and hungry, fell to the ground, fainted and lived. He lost his way, the clothes were torn, the dust was covered, and he finally came back.
  He was beaten, shackled, and the others let go, and he ran far.
  The duckweed is crowded with water, and a red-crowned crane stands on one leg. The black crow trembles on the spine. The fishermen inserted the bamboo poles into the river and netted them for fishing.
  The osprey stunned at the top of the bamboo pole, and the duck dive for the snail.
  In the afternoon, Yan Bibo is particularly charming. The green algae swayed and the fish chased and played. Live in the deeper underwater dragon girl? I heard that she used a gold comb to comb the long black hair of the man, and the wave light reflected her enchanting figure.
  He has the idea of ​​diving, the transparent green water, more like the delicate body of the dragon girl! He is interested in everything, no matter what it is.
  He plunged into the water, and the grass wrapped around his hands and feet. He called for help, drowned, and sank to the bottom.
  The child who heard the cows on the water screamed and the fishermen rushed to the boat to rescue. When he salvaged him, he stood still.
  After thinking about him for several years, I was embarrassed, Venus flashed in front of me, and it was dark. In my heart, I clearly saw the boy who had lost her mother.
  Interestingly, what he said is still not dead!
  I heard him licking his partner: "Look at the water, tie the rope in your waist, and pick it up when you see the water."
  He wants to experience the taste of diving.
  His partner did not dare. He scorned: "The coward!"
  He sneaked into the orchard of Mr. Account like a small animal. Yes, he slammed a few fists, but it was far less than the number of black berries he ate.
  The family scolded him: "The shameless wild monkey!"
  What can be shameful!
  Mr. Account’s lame son picked up a cane and smashed a black berry, took a basket and let go of his belly. He broke the branches and smashed the fruit, and he knew shame!
  One day the two boys of the Paklas family said to him with a kaleidoscope: "What do you think is inside."
  He saw the mottled color, swaying, and another pattern.
  "Big brother, let's change it." He suggested, "I will give you a polished shell, cut the mango skin, but it will be faster, and send you a whistle made from a mango core."
  The kaleidoscope did not give him.
  He had to take a stealing approach.
  He is not greedy. He doesn't want to take it for himself, just want to see the colorful world inside.
  Dryden brother screwed his ear and interrogated: "Why are you stealing?"
  "Why don't he give it to me?" The devil replied, and the tone clearly meant that the two boys of the Paclas family were responsible for his stealing of the kaleidoscope.
  There is no fear in his heart, no hatred.
  He slammed a large frog and threw it in a deep pit buried in an orchard to catch insects.
  He put the beetle in the carton and fed the cow dung. Others wanted to throw it and didn't dare to start.
  He has a squirrel in his pocket.
  One day he stuffed a water snake into Mr.'s drawer, and said that he saw that the water snake was like a snake.
  Mr. opened the drawer, the soul flew away, and the wolf fled.
  It’s worth a look at the escape!
  The dog he raised is not a famous man. He is a pure Bangladeshi. His manners and manners are similar to those of his master. He often does not eat anything, except for stealing. The first time I stole, I broke a leg.
  Probably retribution, the cucumber bamboo frame of the beating house was beaten on the same day.
  The dog couldn't sleep on the owner's bed at night, and it was difficult for the owner to sleep without holding it.
  One day, he stretched out to eat the food prepared by his neighbors, and the soul set foot on Huangquan Road.
  His compassionate mourning, but not a tear in front of people. He secretly cried for two days. Since then, the tea and rice were not fragrant, and he did not steal the interest of ripe sour fruit in his family's orchard.
  He put a broken pot buckle on the head of his neighbor's seven-year-old nephew. The top of the head broke the pot, the cry of the child sounded like the whistle of the oil mill.
  He walked into the rich and was always slammed out. Only the woman who raised the cow, Shidu, called him into the house to drink milk. Her son has been dead for seven years, and his age is only three days away. He is as dark and has the same nose.
  He also smashed the egg with Shiduah - cutting the rope, hiding the teapot, and making her clothes black and autumn. He wants to see the results of various experiments. Others can't see it, but she is disciplined by her. His naughty aroused her loving waves.
  Mr. Ambige said to me in frustration: "He is a piece of cymbal. In your primary school textbook, you don't like reading at all. He mischievously tore the pages, and said that the mice bite off. It’s really an uncultivable wild monkey!”
  "I have responsibilities." I said, "If there was a world of his poet, the poet to write poetry melody of the song must be dissolved and beetles, he read it with relish and I ever wrote a frog genuine The story and the tragedy of his bald dog!"