There are no people in the world who are not beautiful. Compared with people who are not beautiful, my travel companions are better than nothing. This is really a rare thing.
  His baldness is not commensurate with his age, and his hair is already white. Two small eyes have no eyelashes. He frowned and looked around, as if he was picking up ears in the rice fields. His nose is tall and wide, occupying three-quarters of his face. The forehead is wide. The left eye hair is exhausted, and the eyebrows on the right eye disappear. The face of the lips and beard shaved, barely painted by the creator.
  On the table, who cares for the lost pin, he took it up and did not wear it on his suit. The female passenger saw it and turned her face to eat and laugh. He collected the bundled ropes that fell on the ground and picked them up in a group. The newspaper thrown by others, he folded it on the table.
  He is very cautious in dining. He had a bottle of appetizing powder in his pocket, sat down to eat, and poured the powder into the water to drink. After using the meal, take another pill that helps digestion.
  He talked a little and talked a little, and the opening made people feel that he was a fool. Others talked about politics in front of him, and he made a lot of noise, and he couldn't help himself. He couldn't know if he understood some.
  I spent seven days with him on a passenger ship.
  Some travelers hate him for no reason, draw comics and ridicule him, treat him as a joke, and the more whimsical the words. They use their new words to shape his image every day, fill his work with absurd imagination, to compensate for the distortions in certain parts caused by the loopholes created by God, and firmly believe that this is pure truth.
  Some people guess that he is a broker, and some say that he is the deputy general manager of the rubber company, speculation has stimulated interest in betting.
  Many passengers are far away from him, he is used to their coldness. Passengers play cards and gamble in the smoking room, and he is also far from them. They scolded him in his heart:
  "Ghosts! Under the embryo!"
  He is very familiar with the sailors in Chittagong on board. The sailor speaks in the language of the sailor, and I don’t know what language he is practicing, it seems to be Dutch.
  In the morning, the sailor washed the deck with a rubber hose. He also jumped around to help, and the clumsy movements caused a good-natured sneer.
  There is a juvenile sailor with dark skin, bright eyes, curly hair and thin body. He gave him apples, oranges, and showed him a pictorial. The passengers were greatly annoyed at his actions that undermined the dignity of Europeans.
  The passenger ship is docked at the port of Singapore. He called the sailors and distributed cigarettes, each with a $10 bill. Give the juvenile sailor a gold-plated cane.
  After saying goodbye to the captain, he hurried off the dock.
  At this time his real name spread, and the hearts of the players in the smoking room made a sigh.