The kitchen is the activity of Aunt Girona.
  Always see her holding two copper cans to the pond to drown. A pond with stone steps, not far from the kitchen but two copper cans.
  Her mother's nephew was bare-boned all day, and she could not enter any advice in her head. This naughty bag, which has no serious things to do, is the owner of the pond. When I was happy, I jumped into the pond and sprayed water while swimming. He stood on the stone steps and floated with tiles; the bamboo poles were sitting and fishing; the trees were picked and black berries were harvested, and more than they were eaten.
  People say that two-thirds of the fat landowners are the real masters of the pond. Before 10 o'clock, he put some oil on the chest and back to take a bath, and his body slammed into the water. He slammed into the shore and sang the name of the goddess Durga and went home through the bamboo forest. He is playing a lawsuit and he is too busy. The pond was written on his field deed, but it was not yet included in the territory under his jurisdiction.
  Sirona’s uncomfortable nephew dominates the highest branches of the woods, swamps, wastelands, shipwrecks, temples, and tamarind trees.
  He rode on the shackles of the laundry man who grazes in the orchard, and the bamboo whip squirted it and flew up. He proudly enjoyed the fun of horse racing. He has to do his best, and he has nothing to do, turn over, and the beast will be with him along with four legs, no matter how the judge decides.
  Parents are counting on their children to read thousands of books, and later Gao Guanluo, Guangzong Yaozu.
  Therefore, the teacher of the teachings sent the leader of the school to pick him up from the back of his back, dragging through the bamboo forest and sending it into the classroom.
  His kingdom is in the market, the river, and the wilderness. At this moment, he was surrounded by four walls, and the thoughts were glued to the pages of the book.
  I used to be a child.
  The Emperor also created rivers, fields, and sky for me, but unfortunately did not take advantage of the opportunity to lose the value of existence. In the vast world of children, there is no place for me.
  My nest is built in the corner of the old building, and I don't want to walk outside the nest.
  The servants took the local opera to make a dipping sauce, and smeared the red sap on the wall.
  The marble floor is smooth and shiny, and the blinds are elegant. Downstairs is a pond with stone steps, and a row of coconut trees against the wall. The fluffy old banyan tree plunged the thick roots deep into the ground on the east bank of the pond.
  In the morning, people from the neighbors came to bathe. In the afternoon, on the water shining on the sun, the swimming ducks used the dragonfly to care for the wing feathers.
  Time flies.
  The goshawk circling in the sky. The old cloth dealers screamed at the copper plate and hawked along the street. The Ganges water flows into the pond through the diversion canal.
  In the vast world, children are crowned kings, and I was born a poor child. I can only do my game in my inner desire, in the distance of the eyes, under the waves of the pool, in the shade of the eucalyptus's air-roots, on the branches of the coconut trees, and on the terraces of the sun.
  On the day when Siduo got the news that the skin was as delicate as Rama, the god monkey Nuoman entered the forest of worry-free. My 诃Numan is coming in the rainy season with a new cloud of wet and light blue, and it is so dark. From the mouth of its black hole, there is information from a distant place that I cannot travel.
  The mourning cloud sky surrounded by the tall buildings, overlooking me erectly, the chest undulating. The dark black clouds are like the vibrating wild lions, jumping over the tops of the banyan trees. The pool was scared and shivering. In the hurricane and Lin Biao, the vitality of the children’s life is suppressed. The prodigy of the great prodigy who was released from the East Coast, flew to be friends with me.
  When the ground rains, the first-class stone steps sink into the water.
  The rain is getting bigger and bigger at night. I lay in bed, smelling the damp forest smell that floated into the window, and the knees were filled with water. A large stream of water rushed out of the eaves and rolled down to meet the water on the ground.
  In the morning, I ran to the south window and saw that the pond was already a vast ocean. The overflowing pool of water flows through the orchard, and the scattered head of the apple tree is solitary on the water.
  The neighbours ran out and caught the fish with long towels and shawls.
  Until yesterday, the pond was a prisoner like me. In the morning and afternoon, the shades of different shapes dissolve into the water, and the clouds are shortly stroked on the water with a pen of shadow. The sun sewed through the eucalyptus leaves, like a gold spoon, poured into the pool. The pond looked up at the sky with tears.
  Today, it is free, such as a tourist wearing a twilight robe, traveling around.
  Several of my brothers jumped on the wooden boat by the pond, untied the ropes, crossed the pond into the alley, and crossed the hutong to the street. I didn't know where to go.
  My thoughts follow the bumpy wooden boat.
  The evening is coming.
  Cloud shadow blends with the ochre, and blends with the shadow of the eucalyptus in the pool.
  The street light is on, and the light of the 朦 covers the road. The flames of the glass lamp at home trembled with fear. The swaying coconut branches hidden in the thick blackness are like hints of ghosts. The doors of the houses on both sides of the hutong are closed, and the faint light that leaks out from one or two windows is like a dull gaze of blinking eyes.
  I don't know when, everything sinks into a slumber.
  In the middle of the night, everything is silent. In the veranda, Dr. Sarob shouted a few times in Europe and Europe.
  Every rainy day cheers my heart and shakes my songs.
  The leaves of the Jurassic are in the whisper, the palm branches are clapping, and the bamboo is swaying. The petals of horse chestnut and cardamom fell.
  Everyone who is the same as my childhood is making special glue on the kite line.
  Their minds only know them.