Nice brother:
  When I was 19 years old, you were about twenty-five years old. Two novels have been published: "Aunt Kangda" and "Pan Zhu's Quirks". In addition, the "Wheel of the Times" monthly magazine is serializing your novel "Blood Mark".
  Your achievements have sensationalized the country.
  I praised you at the Academy's literary seminar for being even bigger than the singer Chandra Chhatji, causing a melee to break the brain.
  My brother told me that you are a blind admirer.
  After graduating from college, I got the assistant of the county magistrate. Soon, the country launched a violent anti-colonial patriotic movement, and I resolutely resigned.
  After that, I made good luck and became your best friend. In the days when I was very close, I never said a bad word about you. I even smirk to protect your big and small shortcomings and turn them into your Chongwei.
  I know that you are best at shaping the people who don't hide. You have repeatedly urged me: "Put a pen and write a novel. On the stage of the writer, you should have a distinguished seat. It is your inferiority complex that makes you humiliately sit on the reader's bench."
  So, I hesitantly picked up the pen and began to practice writing.
  My first novel is based on our era. The protagonist is a political prisoner who was pursued in the Bondi Garda area. He lurked for seven months, and risked his life at night to visit his mother. His uncle told the police. He hid in the grass house of a fisherwoman for a few days. His uncle provided reliable information, causing him to fall into the hands of the enemy. The fisherwoman made a perjury and was arrested and imprisoned. His uncle climbed to the position of the deputy magistrate.
  You read my novel, praised it, and personally sent the manuscript to the editor Sam Pu Sandel's house, asking him to immediately publish it on The Wheel of the Times.
  Sure enough, the novel began serialization in the second month.
  As the dry reed pond caught fire quickly, I quickly sang the literary world. In a commentary article in Piccolo, he wrote: "Before the literary star, the famous novelist Mr. Aso was eclipsed."
  You smiled happily after reading.
  The article by Ladiganda Gas, published in the magazine of Fanchagana, says:
  "Bangalse Garden has finally produced a truly handed down work."
  You read this article without laughing.
  After that, you and I have a reputation for the thorns.
  Now, please listen to my words , my reputation is breeding in the "Modern Madness" thin soil, the roots are not deep enough tie, no fruit, only leaves dense, because do not know how open-minded.
  The hero of your creation, Pan Zhu, is Don Quixote of Bangladesh. His quirks will be passed on to generations of madmen of different colors.
  The protagonist in this novel, Gon Geral, is like a firecracker. It is extinguished in the air and can only confuse the eyes of a fool.
  I know how much you are lofty. I can sell your friendship for stealing the capital of false honors.
  Open the paper bag and see it inside, it is the ashes of my work.
  My work will be a dusty tomorrow, and I will pay for it today!