In the hallway to the left of the stairway, I study English with Nilemuni every morning.
  There is a tall tamarind tree beside the broken wall. In the season, the monkeys squat on the tree.
  My eyes can't help but leave the English textbook and track the monkey's shaking tail. At this time, Mr. twisted my ears to confirm the rational difference between me and the red-eyed monkey.
  After school, I taught in the plant family.
  There are black berry trees, cranberry trees, and a row of areca trees in the garden. A young jujube tree that grows along the wall is my student.
  I used the ruler to slap the jujube tree and reprimanded it: "Hey, you stupid, the towering black berry tree is the result, but you are short and small, don't ask for progress!"
  I listened to my father's teachings and often heard the words "upward". Listening to him repeatedly telling the story of selling a basket of broken glass and finally becoming a millionaire, the concept of "advanced" became concrete and clear before my eyes.
  No one wants to be a rich man, at least as rich as Pazhu Marek, who is a loan shark in the town of Bagid Depur. With the garden of black berries, this building has been cast to him.
  I teach jujube trees every day, and I want to use Pazhu Marek as a model, and grow taller and faster.
  I measure the height of the jujube tree with a stick twice a day.
  My anger is getting more and more prosperous, but it turns a blind eye, does not grow tall, and does not result. Anger, waving my stick Pilibala to punch its meal. The more I screwed its ears, the more leaves it had, and the slower the progress.
  At this time, my father of the tax collector was transferred to Baldamman County. I transferred to a senior English school in Calcutta and started climbing to the top of the high official.
  Not long after my father died, I laid the foundation stone for the step by step in the Secretariat.
  But my sister has reached the age of marriage, I have to ask someone to plead, borrowed a large amount of debt, so I am doing her marriage.
  My marriage has also been eye-catching. On February 9 next year, the warm springs of the New Year in the spring and winter boasted, and... I was smashed from my position.
  My situation is just like the insects' biting, bright-looking raw fruit, and the gust of wind hits and falls to the ground.
  There was a problem with the flowers in spring, and I only complained when I complained.
  The wealthy god of the business room does not turn to the face and is no longer favored by me. The wealthy family at home has already built another new Jinliantai.
  I was looking for a job with a diploma four and rushed for a few days. I described it as dry , my eyes were dull, my stomach was sagged , my heel was broken, and my skin color was similar to that of old sheets.
  I went to the door to ask for help from the nobles, and almost broke my leg. At this time, I suddenly received a letter, due to the inability of the loan to repay, Pazhu Marek, who loaned the loan, confiscated the property in my house.
  I rushed back to my hometown and went upstairs to open the window and touched a branch. I was annoyed in my heart and pushed hard. At first glance, it turned out to be my "student."
  The jujube branches are leafy and show me that it has been “highly raised”, exactly the same as Pazhu Marek, who occupied the house.