We braved the cold and set off.
  This is the worst and long journey of the time. The road is distorted, the wind knife is generally sharp, and the cold is unstoppable.
  A camel with a hump, a painful foot, and a violent temper, lying on the melting ice and snow from time to time.
  I remembered the palace under the spring mountain, the ladies and ladies dressed in gorgeous cups and hands full of glory, and I was not depressed.
  The camel's footman was screaming, complaining, and screaming, looking for spirits and women.
  The torch has been extinguished and no hotels can be found. The city passing by is full of hostility and suspicion; the village is dirty and demanding.
  Difficulties! Finally, we decided to go all the way, tired and take a nap. Hear who is singing, it must be a madman!
  At dawn, we enter a cool and pleasant valley. Under the snow line is a damp fertile soil. The air is filled with the smell of rich forests. The mountains are flowing, and the blades of the waterwheel slap the darkness.
  There are three trees standing on the horizon. The old white horse is running in the foothills. We walked to the door of the wine cellar with the vines on the door. I saw two people walking on the empty altar and smashing the money at the gate of the hole.
  I can't hear any news, let's move on. Time flies, in the evening, we arrived at the destination, it should be said that this experience is satisfactory.
  It all seems to happen in the past and the past, as if it was intentionally happening now, write down, please write this sentence - so free to lead us to seek death or twins?
  "Life" has been once, we have unquestionable evidence.
  Before that, I have seen "life" and also seen "death". It is not the same thing.
  However, this "life" is very cold, and its torture is terrible, like death, like our death.
  We return to our own country and return to our own kingdom. However, in the stereotypes, there is no peace of mind, and people who are not close to each other hold their own gods.
  It’s easy for me to die.