The clouds are fine and the stars on the eastern horizon jumped out of the stars. The chest of the earth exhaled a pleasant long sigh. On the forest trail, there are screams of green leaves, and the birds sing on the branches.
  "The hour is here." The devout person said affirmatively.
  "What time?"
  "The time of departure."
  They don't understand their meaning, sitting in a guess.
  The caress of the morning sun penetrated into the depths of the earth, and the vitality of life was born in the roots of the world . A slight voice is coming into everyone's ears: heading for the "perfect" holy place!
  This excitement people's lofty voice quickly spread in the crowd. The man looks up at the sky, the woman covers the palm, and the child slaps and laughs.
  Red Sun painted a golden auspiciousness in the eyebrows of the devout.
  People cheered in unison: Ah, brother, we praise you.