The mountain road where the stone is lying is rugged and dangerous.
  The devout people lead the way ahead, behind them are the strong, the weak, the young, the elderly, the ruler, the half-hunger and the half-salted farmer... Some of the soles are blistering, exhausted, some are full of sorrow, some are produced doubt.
  They calculate the pace they take and ask from time to time: How far is it?
  The devout singer responded with a song.
  They listened to him singing and frowned, but did not dare to go back.
  The inertia of the flow of people and the hope of envy motivate them to move forward.
  They reduce sleep, shorten their rest time, and launch fierce competitions that transcend each other, lest they be deceived behind.
  One by one trailing, the day is coming, and a line of horizon falls behind. Unknown invitations waved to them with invisible signals.
  Their expressions became cold and the complaints became more and more harsh.