The first touch of Zhaohui flashed on the exposed leaves.
  Astrology said: "Friends, we are here."
  On the roadside, the endless mature ears of rice sway in the soft wind. The joy of the earth responds to the changes in the color of the clouds. From the mountains to the river. In the villages, people flow calmly every day. The wheels of the pottery cans turned cheerfully, and the widowers took the firewood to the market. The shepherd boy put the calf in the wilderness, the young woman headed the jug, and walked along the green trail along the river.
  However, where is the castle of the emperor? Where is the gold mine? Where is the ancient holy scripture that composes a murderous spell?
  "The indication of the star is can't be wrong. Their signals fall here." The star family said, and walked to the springside of the road.
  The spring water that springs up in the spring is like a liquid brilliance. The dawn is swaying in the tide of the music of tears and tears. In the palm grove of a stone's throw away, a huts are immersed in the inexplicable silence.
  A strange poet from the beach sang at the door: "Mother, open the door!"