Because of my fault, the empty apartment twisted my face in disgust and didn't look at me.
  I walked from one room to another, and there was no place that belonged to me.
  I walked outside unhappy.
  I decided to rent a house and move to Traden.
  Because of excessive grief, I have not dared to enter Amrit's room for a long time. But the tenant is coming, the room has to be cleaned. I had to open the door of her lock.
  In the room, she had a pair of Agra 1 embroidered slippers, a comb, several bottles filled with shampoo and lotion. On the shelf is her textbook, a small accordion, and a scrapbook full of photos she collected. Long towels, tops, and woven sari are hung on the hangers. In the small glass cabinet are various toys and empty toner boxes.
  I sat on the bed behind the table and took an arithmetic exercise book from her red bag. An unsealed letter fell. The address on the envelope is Amrit's tender font.
  I heard that at the moment of death, the life of the condensed eyes flashed. I seem to be a drowning person. In the moment of taking the letter, many past events have come.
  When Amri’s mother died, she was just seven years old.
  I am inexplicably worried that she will not live for a long time.
  Because, she looked melancholy, the shadow of premature screening flew from the future, shrouded her big black eyes.
  I dare not let her leave me step by step. Sitting in the office to do things, for fear of sudden accidents.
  Her aunt came to vacation from Ban Kipur and said with anxiety: "The niece is learning to be delayed. Who is willing to take a ignorant girl as a bag?"
  I am so oyster, said: "Tomorrow I will take her to the Bedouin School to register."
  The next day, she went to school, but the days of vacation far exceeded the days of class. Her father often participated in the conspiracy to let the car that sent her go to school.
  In the second year, her aunt came to vacation again. When she saw this situation, she was greatly dissatisfied: "I can't do this! I have to take her away and send her to the boarding school in Benares. I have to take her from my father anyway. Saved in love."
  She and her aunt left, because I answered, she walked with a tearful resentment.
  I went out to visit the holy land of Batrina, and escaped from my troubled state of mind. She did not get her news for four months, thinking that the teacher's care has dissolved the barriers of her heart.
  A stone in my heart fell to the ground, and I secretly gladly entrusted her to the "Great God." After coming back four months, I went straight to Benares to visit Amrit. I received a letter on the way - what else to say, God has accepted her!
  It's passed.
  I sat in Amry's room and spread out the stationery, only to read: I would love to see you.
  Nothing else.