"What are you doing, Su Ni 1?" Father asked in surprise. "Why do you put your clothes in the suitcase? Where are you going?"
  Sunalida’s bedroom is on the third floor and has two south windows. The bed in front of the window is covered with elegant Lak annoyed sheets. On the opposite wall of the desk, there is a portrait of the dead mother. A bunch of fragrant flowers are hung on the wall at the ends of the frame of the father's photo. The pink carpet is piled up in a mess. Sari, shirt, tights, socks, handkerchiefs... The dog with his tail raised his forehead and stretched out into the hostess's arms. It didn't understand why the hostess packed up the clothes, for fear that the hostess would drop it.
  Sister Samida sat on her knees and looked out the window. She didn't comb her hair, her eyes were red, and she almost cried.
  Suna Lida did not answer, just bowed his head and finished his clothes, his hand trembled slightly.
  "You want to go out?" Father asked again.
  Suna Lida said stiffly: "You said, I can't get married at home, I go to Anu 2."
  "Oh!" Samied called. "Sister, what are you talking about!"
  The father showed an angry and helpless look: "His family disagrees with our views."
  "But their opinions, I have to listen to my whole life." The daughter's tone was firm, her expression was solemn, and her determination was unshakable. She said that she would put a pin into the envelope.
  My father was worried: "Anil's father advocated the caste system and would agree with your marriage?"
  "You don't know Anil," the daughter said proudly. "He is a young man with a vision and a broad mind."
  The father sighed and Sameda took his father's arm and left.
  The clock knocked twelve times.
  Suna Lida did not eat in the morning. Shamida came to call it once, but she had to go to a friend's house to eat.
Su Na Lida, who   lost her mother 's love , is the father's apple. He also had to enter the house to persuade his daughter to eat, and Shamida took him and said, "Don't go, Dad, she said she would never eat if she said no."
  Suna Lida stretched her head out of the window and looked at the street. Finally, the car of Anil’s family came. She hurriedly put on her makeup, and a delicate brooch was inserted in her chest.
  "Take it, Ani's letter." Shamida threw a letter in her sister's arms.
  After reading the letter, Suna Lida was ashamed and sat on a big wooden box.
  Anil wrote in the letter: I thought that I had 100% confidence in changing my father's point of view, and I was still obsessed with my lips, so...afternoon.
  Suna Lida sat seated, no tears in her eyes.
  The servant Ramo Charita entered the room and whispered: "His car is still downstairs."
  "Call them to roll!" Suna Lida screamed.
  Her dog was silently kneeling at her feet.
  The father learned that there was a sudden change in the matter, and did not ask, and touched her daughter's soft hair and said, "Su Ni, go, go to Hessant Bart and let your family distract."
  Anil’s wedding will be held tomorrow.
  Anil screamed stubbornly: "No, I am not married."
  The mother sighed distressedly: "Hey, follow him."
  "You are crazy!" Father was furious.
  The house lights up and the night is blowing from the morning to the evening.
  Anil lost his soul.
  Around 7 o'clock in the evening, on the first floor of Suna Lida's house, there was a kerosene lamp, and a pile of newspapers was on the stained carpet. The butler, Kaylas Salgar, smoked a hookah in his left hand and fanned his right hand. He was waiting for the difference to massage his sore thigh.
  Anil suddenly came.
  The housekeeper hurriedly got up and smashed his clothes.
  "I was forgotten to give money to me, and I remembered it for a special trip." Anil hesitated and said, "I want to take a look at Miss Su Na Lida's bedroom."
  Anil walked slowly into the bedroom, sitting on the bed and holding his head in his hands. On the bed, on the door frame, on the curtains, there is a faint smell of stunned people, is it soft? Residual flowers? Or is it the memories of the empty bedroom? unknown.
  Anil smoked a cigarette and took the cigarette butt out of the window. He took the wastepaper basket from under the desk and held it on his chest. His heart twitched. He saw the full of shredded stationery. On the light blue letter is his handwriting. There is also a fragment of the photo, two flowers tied to the cardboard four years ago with red ribbons - withered pansies and violets.