The Japanese puppet in Miss Mooney’s bedroom is called Hana Sang, wearing a bean green embroidered gold flower Japanese dress. Her groom is from the British shopping mall. She is the prince of the fallen dynasty, wearing a sword at the waist and a long crown on the crown. Feathers. Tomorrow a pair of newcomers will dress up and hold the wedding the day after tomorrow.
  At dusk, the lights were on, and Hana Sang was lying on the bed.
  I don’t know where a black bat came and flew in the room, its shadow spinning on the ground.
  Hana Sang suddenly said: "Bat, my good brother, take me to the country of the cloud. I was born as a puppet, willing to play a holiday game in the heaven of the game."
  Miss Muni couldn't find Hana Sang in the house, and hurriedly shouted: "Hana Sang, where are you?"
  The god Bird Bengamo on the banyan tree outside the courtyard said: "The bat brothers flew with her."
  "Oh, brother of the god bird," Muuniu asked. "Please take me to pick up Hana Sang."
  The gods spread their wings and took Mooney for a night. In the morning, they reached the Rama Mountain where the village of the cloud was located.
  Mooney shouted: "Hana Sang, where are you? I will pick you up and play games."
  Blue Cloud said to the front: "Do people know what games? People only use the game to bind people who play with him."
  "What is your game like?" Miss Muni asked.
  The black cloud screamed and screamed and said with a sigh of relief: "You see, she is completely zero, in the colorful colors, in the hurricane and the glow, in various forms of vacation in all directions."
  Mooney Wanfen anxiously: "God bird brother, the wedding is ready, the bride will be angry when the groom enters the door."
  The god bird smiled and said: "Simply ask the bat to pick up the groom and hold a wedding on the clouds."
  "There is only a crying game in the world." Mooney was so sad and tearful.
  "Miss Mooney," said the bird, "The night is gone, tomorrow morning, there is a game on the petals of the rain, but unfortunately no one can see you."