Like the Tengu foraging the darkness of Liri, the shadow of the evening swallowed the courtyard in advance.
  There was a roar outside: "Open the door!"
  The life in the house was terrified, and the door was slammed against the door, and the door latch was attached. The voice trembled and asked: "Who are you?"
  It was a thunderous roar: "I am the messenger of the soil kingdom. It is time to come, and the special debt."
  The chain on the door creaked and the walls shook violently. The air in the room sighed. The flapping fan of the wings of the airborne birds is like the heartbeat of the nightingale.
  After a while, the door was broken and the door panel fell to the ground.
  Life trembled and asked: "Oh, soil, oh, cruel, what do you want?"
  "The body," the messenger said.
  Life sighed: "In the past few years, my entertainment activities have been carried out in the body. I danced in the atom and played music in the blood vessels. Is it true that my celebrations will be destroyed in a flash, the snappers are broken, the tambourine is broken, and the days of joy Sinking into the bottomless night?"
  The messenger is unmoved: "Your body is in debt, it is time to pay back the debt, and the soil of your body must return to the treasure house of the earth."
  "You have to recover the borrowing of the soil ( ), just ask for it." Life refused to say, "Why do you ask for more things?"
  The messenger said with irony: "Your barren body is like a tired and thin, and there is something in the line!"
  "The earth is yours, but the image does not belong to you." Life argues.
  The messenger laughed: "You peeled off the image from the body, just peel it off."
  "I will be able to peel it off." Life swears.
  The soul of life, the soul of the soul, rushed to the holy place of the light of the celebration, and prayed, "Oh, great brilliance! Great glory! Oh, the source of the image! Don't deny your truth around the rough earth, don't humiliate your creation. What rights does he have to destroy the image you have? Which spell did he read that made me cry?"
  The soul is settled in perseverance.
  A thousand years have passed, and 10,000 years have passed, and life is mournful.
  The image of theft is constantly being transported on the road.
  The biological world resounded and prayed day and night: "Oh, the image is shaped! Oh, the image is a loved one! 'Zombie' This demon keeps your gift and recovers your treasure!"
  One era has passed away.
  The secret of heaven is revealed: the returning earth belongs to the earth, and the image of meditation remains in my meditation. I promise that the image will be revealed again, and the shadow of the invisible body will hold the light of your arms.
  The snail blew, the image returned to the abstract painting, and the image of the admirer came from all directions.
  Every day has passed and one year has passed. Life is still crying.
  What is the life period?
  The hands of life are said to be together: "The messenger of the earth licked my throat with cruel hand and said, 'Throat is mine.' I retorted that the flute of the earth is yours, but the flute does not belong to you. He listened to sneer. A cry. God's will, listen to my tearful complaints, the arrogance of the soil will become the winner? His eyes are deaf, his dumbness will always suffocate your wonderful sound? The chest carrying the 'immortal' purpose Can the captain allow the construction of a 'stiff' triumphant column?"
  Heaven also sent a sacred purpose: don't worry, the waves of the gospel that can't be heard on the sea of ​​clouds will not converge, and the soul will be repaired into a fruitful result. This is my blessing. The shrinking throat melts into the earth, and the eternal throat carries the will.
  The color of the soul sends the lost gospel of the earth's demon driving and robbery back to the silent song, and the world resounds the joy of victory.
  The image of the invisible body and the gospel of the invisible body are combined in the paradise of the sea shell of life.