Sanggel Tonggu Bo today, can speak eloquently, famous all over the world.
  His agile thinking, like the sharp point of a mountain eagle, repeatedly smashed the wings of the other's arguments and made it fall.
  The South Indian eloquent Naia Ikemu came to the front and proposed a pre-declaration.
  The winner of the debate will receive a reward from the king.
  After receiving the challenge, Sanger found that the turban was dirty and rushed to the dyeing room.
  The dyeing room of Muslim Chahim is next to the vegetable field surrounded by hedges. His daughter is Amina, who is 17 years old, sings a song, grinds fine paint, and adjusts the color. Her hair was tied with a red scorpion, a brown shawl and a sky blue sari.
  When she handed the paint bowl to the father of the dyed cloth, Sanger went into the dyeing room and said, "Chahim, the king ordered me to go to the temple to debate, please wash my turbans into golden yellow."
  The clear channel flows into the vegetable field. Amina washed her headscarf under the shade of mulberry trees.
  The spring and the bright sunshine reflected the water, and the sables lingered on the mango trees in the distance. Amina washed the turban and spread it on the grass. Suddenly she saw a line of poems on it: Your good feet fell on my forehead. She meditated and couldn't hear the screaming bark on the mango tree.
  At the end, she took the silk thread from the dyeing room and embroidered a line of poems: but she could not feel the caress.
  Two days later, Sanger came to the dyeing room and asked, "Who is embroidering on my turban?"
  Chahim, who was frightened, said: "Sir, I am a daughter who is not sensible. Please forgive her for her rash behavior, go to the temple to debate, no one can see and understand the sentence."
  Sanger turned to Amina and said, "Dyeing the woman, you make the caress of the wonderful foot abandon the proud forehead, and walk into my heart along your filigree line. My path to the palace disappears, and I will not Will find it."