Long Luo Mount Nanda day fiddle rosary prayers.
  At dusk, he offered sacrifices; his heart took God's reward, and his hunger was instantly eliminated.
  The day of the temple fair, the king and the queen drove.
  In addition, a group of scholars from all over the world and believers of various sects wearing marks have been brought from various places.
  After the evening bath was completed, Rama Nanda was given in front of the gods, but he could not get the gift of God in his heart. He could not swallow the food.
  After two days of food cessation, the Rama Nanda was weak and the head said: "God, am I guilty of sin?"
  "You think I live in the Po Yi Kunta ① Wonderland it?" God angrily said, "That I could not enter the temple of the common people had also received the body of my touch, and my feet touch the dissolution of the holy water of life -chuen, in Their blood vessels are running through. The scorn of them makes me angry, and your offerings today are not pure."
  "Lord, the law must be maintained." Rama Nanda was uneasy to look at the face of God.
  God's eyes spurt out anger: "In the garden of the world where I personally created, I invited all the people. You are trying to build a ritual barrier here and limit my power. It is really daring!"
  Rama Nanda said: "In the Ming Dynasty, I walked out of the boundaries of rituals and cleared my arrogance from the world you created."
  In the middle of the night, the stars seem to be meditating. Rama Nanda suddenly woke up and heard that God was urging: "The time is up, fulfill your promise."
  Rama Nanda's hands clasped together: "This night, the road is dark and the birds are not squatting. I am waiting for the dawn."
  “Dawn is always rising at night?” God reprimanded, your heart wakes up and hears my words, dawn has come, go, fulfill your promise! ”
  Rama Nanduo Nono sang, out of the temple, with a big bedouin on his head.
  He went out of the city, crossed the village, and went to the crematorium by the river. A Changdal caste is busy burning the body.
  Rama Nanda reached out and held him on his chest.
  The man looked stunned: "Master, my name is Nava, it is the Changdal caste. My line of deeds is despised, and you should not let me be a sinner who defiles you."
  "I am already dying in my heart." Rama Nanda said sadly, "I am groggy, so I can't see you all the time. Now I need you especially. Without you, the funeral of my deceased can't be held."
  After all, Rama Nanda continues to move forward.
  The morning bird, Venus is hidden in Zhaohui.
  Kabir sat in the yard with a small tune weaving, and Rama Nanda sat down beside him, glaring at his neck.
  Kabir hurriedly introduced himself: "Master, I am a Muslim, living on weaving, and my career is low."
  The Rama Nanda language said warmly: "Friends, not with you, I am naked in my heart, my heart is contaminated with dust. Today, wearing the pure cloth you weaved, my shame disappears."
  Several apprentices found Rama Nanda in the yard and blamed: "Master, what is this system!"
  "I found God again in the place where I lost God." Rama Nanda said calmly.
  The sun rises and the golden sun illuminates the joyous face of Rama Nanda.