The cobbler Robidas is sweeping the floor.
  The road is his loved one, and loneliness is his partner.
  The pedestrian walked away from him far away.
  Long Luo Mount Nanda morning bath is completed, go back to the monastery. Across his feet, Robidas squatted on the ground and bowed to the ceremony.
  Rama Nanda asked with amazement: "Friend, who are you?"
  "I am the dry dust on the road, Master, you are the clouds in the sky. If you land the love of the rain, the dumb dust sings loudly, and the flowers bloom everywhere."
  Rama Nanda put him on his chest and gave him love.
  Robidas in the flowers of life , blowing into the melodious spring of the wind. After the song was introduced into the ears of Jia Li, the king of Giotto, she couldn’t help but feel hurt, and the tribes were doing things, and the tears rolled down.
  Abandoning the queen's honor, Jia Li found Robidas and converted to the Vishnu sect.
  The priest of the royal family, Gao Dejun, heard about the incident and said to the queen with sorrow and anger: "Shameless, queen, Robidas caste low, wielding the broom and sweeping the floor, you actually called his master, and lost the face of your kingdom Brahman. ”
  The Queen solemnly said: "Listen to me, respected priests, you are playing the knot of the rules and regulations on day and night. I don't know that the gold of love has been lost. It is the master of my dust that has picked it up from the dust. You can proudly hold the ropes that are meaningless knotted, but I am the cockroach of the gold of love, preferring the dusty gifts."