Rama Nanda faces the East and stands in the Ganges. The morning breeze blew, the water was flowing, and the river that seemed to be touched by the golden rod shimmered with golden light. He looked at the rose-like sun, and muttered to himself: "Oh, God, how can your kind appearance not flash in my heart, remove your mask."
  The sun rises to the top of the tree. The fishermen sailed and set sail. A group of white cranes flew into the sunny blue sky and flew to the wetlands on the other side.
  The master’s holy bath was not over, and the disciple said anxiously: “The teacher’s demeanor can’t be stopped, and the time for the sacrifice of the gods is here.”
  The master said: "My body is not clean, and the Ganges River is far from my heart."
  The disciple sat down and thought: What does this mean?
  The sun is covered with mustard. The flower girl sells flowers on the roadside. A woman who raises a cow raises a milk can to the market.
  The master thoughtfully came out of the water's shore and passed through the bushes sung by the oriole.
  The disciple asked questioningly: "Master, where are you going? The village is not a superior."
  Rama Nanda said: "I am on the way to complete the holy bath."
  At the end of the river beach is a village. The master walked into the alley surrounded by mulberry trees, and the monkeys jumped on the branches.
  Deep in the alley is the house where the tanners are strong, from where the smell of the hides of the animals floats, the vultures hover in the air, and the skinny wild dogs are in the head.
  The disciple's eyebrows are close, standing outside the village, meditation "Roma, Rama."
  Wei Qiang revered to the Rama Nanda gimmick .
  Rama Nanda helped him up and hugged him.
  Weiqiang said in a panic: "Master, you can't do this. The pollution in the house will destroy your holy body."
  "Away from your village to bathe in the river, my heart can't communicate with the Ganges, which cleans everything." Rama Nanda said with relief, "This time, the holy water that purifies Vientiane runs through your body. Today, I I didn't successfully worship the sun god. I said the sun god. Why doesn't the aura like you have flashed in my body? At this moment, it shines on your forehead, and I don't have to go into the temple again.