Legend has it that the gods of the heavenly gods, Piscaramo, laid the foundation for the temples of the Three Kings in the Yuan Dynasty, and the giant monkeys Numan came to build a large number of rocks in the temple.
  According to historians, the Kirats inhabiting the forest artificially created this temple, and the gods belonged to them.
  King Hatdy 1 once occupied this country, killing believers, and the blood flowing into the temple.
  The gods changed their names and changed their names, hiding behind the new canon, and survived.
  Thousands of years of ancient devout rivers have changed their flow. Today, the Kirats are untouchable and their way to the temple is blocked.
  The Kiratite villages that are excluded from the society are distributed on the east bank of the Ganges. They believe in the gods and sing the gods, but there are no temples. Their hands are dexterous, and the judgment of their eyes is never wrong. They are good at stone walling, and they are good at embellishing silver flowers on brass vessels to master the inner rhythm of marble statues.
  The swords plundered their former thrones, cut off the mark of their clothing and the dignity of their manners, and deprived them of the right to knowledge.
  They can only look at the golden dome of the temple standing on the horizon on the west side, only to worship the temple, but the imaginary temple is still so familiar.
  October 15th is the festival of the gods.
  On the high platform that was temporarily set up, the drums were beaten, the piano was boasted, the tents were everywhere, and the hunting and flying were flying. The roadside is full of goods - bronze, silver jewelry, idol painting, silk cloth, children's rattle, clay doll, leaf flute, offerings, garlands, fruits, incense sticks, a can of holy water... magician screams Playing magic.
  Folk artists paint and talk about Ramayana.
  The guards in dazzling uniforms patrolled on horseback.
  The minister sat on the soft couch on the back of the elephant, and the soldier blew his way in front.
  The lady of the Gaomen nobles sat in the embroidered curtain, and the servant’s family called back.
  Under the banyan tree supported by five trunks, there are long, unkempt, gray-stained, sloppy swims, and the feet are the fruit, milk, sweets, cheese, rice, potatoes...
  The burst of cheers that "victory belongs to the king of God" is a curb.
  Tomorrow is the first time for the king to worship the god of the ecliptic.
  The king was riding by an elephant, and the banana trees on both sides of the road were hanged with garlands. The copper cans with auspicious patterns are covered with mango leaves, and the perfume is sprayed once and the dust is driven.
  On the night of the thirteenth, the bells in the temple slowly disappeared.
  The moon is like a black gauze, and the moonlight is like a violent dizziness, the night wind is stagnation, the sky is gathering with smog, the forest is so scared that it stays still, and the dog is inexplicably stunned. The horse looked at the invisible object and sang his ears.
  Suddenly, the sound of dull and horrible sounds under the ground, the demon of hell seems to scream the drums, hehe, hehe.
  The wall clock in the temple swayed in a hurry, and the elephants broke free from the ropes.
  The underground storms rise rapidly, camels, buffaloes, oxen, goats, sheep, gasping, thousands of good men and women are full of confusion, can not distinguish relatives, strangers, can not distinguish between the southeast and northwest, stepping on each other, screaming to escape .
  The ground cracked, and a hot water came out, a smog of smoke. The clear water of the pond marsh leaks into the sand layer below.
  The bell on the flying dragonfly swayed in the local area, and with a loud noise, the bell was silent. The moment of the silence of the earth, the round moon hangs from the west.
  A top tent was on fire, and the thick smoke of the sky was like a python wrapped around the moonlight.
  The next day, I heard the crying of my lost relatives. In order to prevent accidents, the Imperial Army surrounded the temple. The minister, the star family, and the Sao people arrived in succession. I saw the gable collapsed and the temple top collapsed on the altar.
  The astrology home began: "Your Majesty, the temple must be repaired before the 15th of next month, otherwise the gods will leave."
  The king ordered: repair immediately.
  The minister came forward and said: "Only the quintes will sculpture the gods, but they must not let their squinting eyes smear the gods, the sacredness of the gods is shackled, and the repairs are expensive."
  The king ordered the summoning of the head of the Kiratite, Madaba.
  Madab was over the armor, white-haired silver plaque, and the head was wrapped in a clean white headscarf. The copper-like upper body was bare, and the lower body was surrounded by a yellow earthen cloth. Both eyes showed a sad and respectful, carefully presented a bunch of frangipani at the feet of the king. Go back a few steps and pray.
  The king said: "The rumors of repairing temples are not necessary."
  "This is the grace of the gods to the small people." After all, Madaba bowed to the temple.
  "Do you blindfolded, can you sculpture the statue?"
  "The master of the mind instructs the small people to work, and you don't have to open your eyes when you are carving."
  Hundreds of Kirats built stone walls outside the temple.
  Madaba's eyes were wrapped around several layers of black cloth, and the statues were carved in the temple. They stayed up all night and stayed out. He meditated on the mercy of God and sang songs.
  "Quick-dry, quick-drying, time passes quickly, and the Kyrgyz period is coming." The minister often urged.
  Madaba said, "Who is who 2, who will work hard, I am just his tool."
  The next day, the sun will come.
  The blindfolded Madab uses a finger to touch and talk to the stone, and the stone has a question and answer.
  The guards supervised the work to prevent him from untiring the cloth.
  The astrology family also came to ask: "On the eleventh night, it is the first day of the sacrifice of the gods, can you complete the work as scheduled?"
  Madaka replied: "I am not qualified to answer, the day the soul dominates, and I will report it someday. Before that, anyone who inquired will only delay the construction period."
  The sixth and seventh days passed, and the cold moonlight passed through the temple door and landed on the silver hair of Madaba.
  The sun sets and the eleven moon rises into the dark sky.
  Madab sighed long and said, "Hey, guard, send a letter, the statue is carved, don't miss the good day."
  The guards rushed out of the temple.
  Madaba dismissed the blindfolded black cloth and saw the eleventh moonlight shining on the solemn and compassionate image. He was kneeling on the ground, his hands clasped together, staring at the king of God, and two lines of tears came out.
  Today, thousands of years have come to the people of Kiratism to pay tribute to the princes of the king.
  When the king entered the temple, he saw the head of Madaba on the base of the altar, and pulled the sword angrily. The first body was separated.
  This is the first and last time Maddab worshipped under the foot of God.