It is said that there are two kinds of pomegranates: flower pomegranate and fruit pomegranate.

  The flower pomegranate opens the flower of the thousand petals, but it does not produce the grain of rice. Fruit pomegranate with a few petals of flowers, but gave birth to sweet juice.

  There is a rich man who uses the peacock's hair to make silk, the pure gold is hooked, the hook is set with diamonds, and the pearl is used as a bait, and the silver fishing rod is used for fishing. The fish ignored it. The fishermen who catch the fish are actually those who have bamboo poles.

  Many times, I will be confused by some beautiful things, forgetting that what they really should pursue is not the process but the ending, or the process is easily ended. At this time, we'll put some simple things evolve very complex, hoping to understand this complex from the inside to the success of joy, and the ultimate success. However, it was lost.

  In fact, the road of life is covered with flowers, but it will delay the itinerary. If it is simple, it may pick up even bigger fruits.