Standing up is a kind of transcendental realm, awe-inspiring spirit, an awe-inspiring spirit, and a beautiful beauty. The grass, standing in the crevice of the rock pile, stands a thriving oasis. The reef, in the bite of the waves, stood in a violent cold. The bloody head on the way to struggle is the flag of scarlet in life . If we can hold on to the wounds, lift our chests, and stand up straight to treat anything, then what difficulties can we overcome? A nation that has the courage to stand up from a disaster cannot be underestimated. A city that is determined to stand up from the ruins cannot be underestimated. A person who has the ambition to stand up from humiliation cannot be idle. It is true that not everyone can stand in the sky and Optimus Prime; not everyone can stand in the wind and thunder. But you can at least stand up to a righteousness, a strong line and a frank. Stand out for your unyielding character!

  Stand out from your own open mind!