There is an old man living in the village. He is like a torch, and his eyes are like a torch. No matter who's hand reaches him, he can immediately tell the other's future and destiny without a deviation.

  People who are eight hundred miles away come to ask for fortune telling.

  A traveler from afar heard that he was very curious. He decided to ask the old gentleman to help him.

  When the traveler came, the old man was busy picking apples in the courtyard.

  “Can you take some time to help me see the palm?”

  The traveler asked the old man.

  "Of course, but you have to promise me a condition."

  The old man said.

  "What conditions?"

  "Help me pick the apples on this tree."

  The traveler readily agreed.

  He climbed the ladder and worked hard for a long time. The apple was picked up and the sun was setting.

  "Now can you show me the palm of your hand?"

  The traveler with backache asked.

  The old man smiled a little: "Do you still have a look at your hand? You can see it yourself."

  The traveler extended his right hand and squinted for a long time, and did not see any doorway: "Old gentleman, I have nothing but sweat in my hand."

  The old man smiled and said: "This is it, even if you don't get it, you have to pay sweat!"

  The traveler is very big, thanked the old man and continued on the road.