This is my first reading of Wang Anyi's work. I have never known her before. I just heard that she is the daughter of Wang Yuanjian and Ru Zhijuan, so I admire this work with an admiration and curiosity - "The end of this train. 》.

  I didn't read much, and some of the words inside touched my heart.

  A Beijinger’s words to the protagonist Chen Xin: “People should be good at learning from all kinds of life. Go to Harbin to skate; go to Guangzhou, swim; go to Xinjiang, eat lamb; go to Shanghai, eat Western food... Where fate arranges you, you will discover where you are happy and enjoy yourself. Maybe this is the fun of life."

  Yes! Seeing this sentence, my heart is sour, not empathy, but a kind of self-awakening. I am always difficult to adapt to a new life, not to be unwilling to adapt, but to have a barrier in my heart, not willing to accept, so that I am very tired of doing things, and even cause a spiritual break. People always have their own personality, but learn to accept, adapt to the new environment, do not let yourself be very annoying and tired, to find the joy of life. Don't complain about the fate of the arrangement. Where is the fate to arrange you, you will find out where the joy is, enjoy, enjoy life and enjoy the fate. People should open their minds, enjoy life, find happiness, pursue spiritual Jerusalem in a happy life, learn to cater to the fate of the arrangement, find their own joy, no matter what, live in us. We must live happily because we will die for a long time.

  With this feeling, I walked into the inner world of Chen Xin.

  Chen Xin, who was cut in Xinjiang, finally returned to his hometown, Shanghai, with endless expectations and excitement. Although he felt that he was becoming more and more strange and alienated from Shanghai, but for his expectations, he missed it, and he was desperate to come back. In the past few years, his destination may be Shanghai. !

  When he got home, he just wanted to live again. Facing the reality of life, his strong heart finally revealed its fragility. Because of the poverty of the family, in order to compete for the house, the nephew proposed a separate account, and also added a bad word, especially by lending his son to map Chen Xin. "You don't want to be thick, so you don't know each other, you are not driven out, it is for you. Polite, don't be blessed." This made Chen Xin feel a kind of faint affection. Suddenly he began to wonder if his goal was meaningful, and whether it was worth it.

  Although my brother is a few years older than Chen Xin, Chen Xin is protecting his brother from an early age. During the Cultural Revolution, the policy stipulated that there were two male intellectual youths in the family. There must be one to go to the countryside to jump in. In order to prevent the honest and introverted brother from suffering losses, he offered to go to the countryside. After more than ten years of cutting-in life, he has moved away from a comfortable and stable life, and also brought him endless thoughts and longings. He always looks forward to returning to his hometown and returning to the modern city of Shanghai and returning to his heart. In a warm home, he took the return to Shanghai as his goal and achieved this goal at any cost. But the goal was achieved. He returned to the home he thought was warm, but the reality shocked him. He shed tears and his heart shed tears. He never complained when he went to the countryside to go to the countryside. He never cried when he was in trouble. He didn’t complain if he fought for him. He couldn’t accept that his family gave him a weak affection and could not accept it. The warm home he had been looking forward to turned him out, he questioned his goals and he questioned his life.

  After arguing with him, he went out alone to distract himself. He was very upset. He didn't know where his new life started. Think about it. Chen Xin worked hard for more than ten years and left his hometown. The only spiritual pillar is to return one day. Living in Shanghai, I returned to my family, but I came back, but it was beyond his imagination. His heart is gone, empty, he is thinking, looking for, looking for his future life, the future goal, is also pursuing his spiritual home, his spiritual holy city.

  The name of the novel, the end of the train, also symbolizes Chen Xin’s journey of life. He is like this train. In the ten years of this queue, his train terminal was in Shanghai, and he returned to his loved ones. Back to Shanghai, I experienced real life. His dream woke up and he started his train again, the difference is that he has not yet set an end. I don't know where the trains representing this life will eventually stop! He is a strong man who will not be ruined by life. The train departed. "He believes that as long as he arrives, he will not be confused, will not be distressed, will not be lost, but will truly find his home."

  Maybe life is like this. When you arrive at the destination, you find that it has lost the meaning you pursued. However, please don’t give up on it and give up the shackles of life. It should be the same as the hero Chen Xin. Start the train and go find it. Someday I will be looking for it. At the very least, you will live a very fulfilling life. No matter whether you train on, you have toward your goal to pursue to struggle for it!

  The train of life has an end, and the spirit train has no end... This train has already departed······