Today, I read a book, "Oil Umbrella." It makes me deeply feel that trusting others, having a good heart is very important!

  One evening, there was heavy downpour outside. A little newspaper boy came to the author's eaves to hide from the rain, and his umbrella broke down. The author thinks that he is very poor, and that he is afraid that he will run out of time and give him a broken umbrella. The next day, the little newspaper boy gratefully returned the umbrella to the author. The author opened the umbrella and saw that the leaks on it were all beautifully patched and became a good umbrella... read here, I Book. Tabloid is really a good boy! He has a heart that is kind to others and has a noble soul. How precious it is! A good heart is cultivated, not born, constantly helping others, it will come quietly... From the author’s point of view, if the author gave him a good umbrella, then the little newspaper boy would not have to give her a supplement. Umbrella. So it is important to believe in others. Only if you trust others, others will trust you and trust each other. A good heart will be cultivated and friendship will be established between people.

  Please give yourself a good heart !