I haven't seen my father for more than two years. What I can't forget is his back. That winter, my grandmother died, and my father’s messenger was also handed over. It’s a bad day. I went from Beijing to Xuzhou and planned to go home with my father. When I saw my father in Xuzhou, I saw the things that were full of things in the courtyard, and I remembered my grandmother, and I could not help but shed tears. The father said, "This is already the case. You don't have to be sad. Fortunately, there is no way to heaven!"

  Going home to sell the classics, the father was still short of money; and borrowed money to do the funeral. These days, the situation in the family is very bleak, half for the funeral, and half for the father. After the funeral was over, my father had to go to Nanjing to get things done. I have to go back to Beijing to study, and we will walk together.

  When I arrived in Nanjing, some friends went to wander around and stayed for one day. On the second morning, I had to cross the river to Pukou and go to the north in the afternoon. The father was busy because of the matter. He had already said that he would not send me, and asked a well-known tea house in the hotel to accompany me. He went to the tea house again and again, very carefully. But he finally did not trust, afraid that the tea room was not properly posted; quite a while. In fact, I was already twenty years old, and Beijing has been there two or three times. It doesn't matter. He took a moment and finally decided to send it to me. I advised him two or three times that he didn't have to go; he only said, "It doesn't matter, they don't go well!"

  We crossed the river and entered the station. I bought a ticket and he was busy looking after the luggage. Too much baggage, you have to make some tips to the porter before you can pass. He is busy talking to them about the price. I was so smart at the time, I always felt that he was not very beautiful, and he couldn’t interrupt himself. But he finally settled the price; just sent me on the bus. He gave me a chair that leaned against the door; I laid the seat of the purple fur coat that he gave me. He told me to be careful on the road, wake up at night, don't get cold. I also took care of the tea room. I laughed at his embarrassment in my heart; they only recognized the money and asked them to be white! And people of my age, can't you cook yourself? Hey, I think about it now, it was so smart at the time!

  I said, "Dad, let's go." He looked out of the car and said, "I bought a few oranges. You are here, don't move." I see a few outside the fence on the platform. Waiting for customers to sell things. Going over to the platform, you have to cross the railway, you have to jump and climb up. Father is a fat man, and it takes a lot of trouble to go. I was going to go, he refused, so he had to go. I saw him wearing a black cloth cap, wearing a black cloth, a large horse, a dark blue cotton robes, walking to the side of the railway, and slowly looking down, it is not too difficult. But when he crossed the railway, it was not easy to climb the platform there. He climbed the top with both hands and his feet curled up again; his obese body tilted to the left, showing a hard-working look. Then I saw his back and my tears flowed down quickly. I quickly wiped away the tears, afraid that he would see it, and I was afraid that others would see it. When I looked out again, he had already taken the red orange and looked back. When crossing the railway, he first scattered the oranges on the ground, slowly climbed down, and then picked up the oranges. When I got here, I quickly went to marry him. He and I went to the car and put the oranges on my fur coat. So I rushed to the dirt on my clothes, and my heart was very relaxed. After a while, I said, "I am leaving; I will come over there!" I looked at him and went out. He took a few steps and looked back at me and said, "Go in, there is no one inside." Waiting for his back to mix in with people coming and going, I can't find it again, I will come in and sit down, my tears come again. It is.

  In recent years, my father and I have been running around, and the home is not as good as one day. He was a teenager who went out to make a living, supported him alone, and did many great things. I know that the old world is so rampant! He is so sad that he can't help himself. Feelings are in the middle, and nature is to be sent out; family triviality often touches his anger. He treated me differently. But after two years of disappearance, he finally forgot my bad, just remembering me and thinking about my son. After I came to the north, he wrote a letter to me. The letter said: "I am safe, but my arms are sore, I have a lot of inconvenience, and I am not far away." I read here. In the tears of the crystal, I saw the back of the obese, blue cotton robes and black cloth horses. Ugh! I don't know when I can meet him again!

  About the Author: Zhu Ziqing (1898-1948), formerly known from China, No. Qiushi, the word string wear, modern outstanding essayist, poet, scholar. The Qinhuai River, the Hurry, and the Lotus Pond Moonlight in the Sound of the Paddle Sound are all famous people.