Mother called and asked where he is now.

  He whispered: "In the hospital."

  Niang said: "Know, listen to what you said." Mother then choked and said, "Children, how can you do that? How can you donate bones... marrow?"

  Obviously, the mother did not understand what the bone marrow was. When it came to this, it was obviously paused.

  He is busy saying: "Mother, nothing."

  Niang said: "If you don't listen to your mother, my mother will die."

  He was anxious and told her that she was not donating bone marrow. He was wrong. He wanted to find someone to donate bone marrow to himself and he was sick.

  When she was more anxious, she asked about the hospital where he was. He took a car on the same day and hurried to see him in the hospital. He was sitting in the hospital bed and the nurse was giving him blood pressure. When she was shocked, she asked, "Oh, what's the matter with you?"

  He said: "Leukemia."

  Mother does not understand what is leukemia, looking at him.

  He told her that suffering from leukemia is difficult to treat. Seeing that the mother is shaking, he is busy saying, however, those who have successful bone marrow matching are willing to donate bone marrow and they will be saved.

  Mother is busy saying: "With the ah, the shabu-shabu is also equipped with iron."

  He sighed and said, "Which is so easy? Only one of the more than 20,000 people has a successful match."

  Mother sat there, her eyes straight.

  He was busy shaking his hand, but he was lucky enough to match a girl.

  Mother's eyes are bright: "Really?"

  He lowered his head again and told the mother that the other party did not want to donate bone marrow. Niang looked gray, for a long time, nodded and said: "Yes, what is on the body, which one is not the same as the nose of the eyes, how can there be extra! The extra will not be long, who is willing to donate?"

  He snorted next to him: "I heard that donating bone marrow is fine!"

  He shook his head in frustration and told them that the girl was unwilling to donate.

  Mother tried to ask: "Is it all right?"

  He said: "Maybe, but I have to ask the doctor."

  As he said, a doctor hurried past, and the mother was busy pulling it. If she caught the straw, she asked pitifully: "Doctor, donate bone marrow to hurt the donor?" The doctor looked at her and shook it. Shake his head.

  Seeing that she didn't understand it, the doctor would say, "The bone marrow is like a leek, and it will grow out if it is donated." In the countryside, there are a lot of leeks, which are faster and more fat.

  Mother knows, the gray color on her mother's face is gone. Mother thought about it, still holding the doctor's hand, she had a request, I hope the doctor can help the girl to talk to himself .

  The doctor smiled and nodded.


  The four went to another ward and saw the girl.

  The mother walked over and grabbed the girl's hand and said, "Well, I beg you."

  Mother pointed at him and said, "I am here, please help him."

  Seeing the girl not talking, the mother suddenly remembered what it was like, pointing to the doctor and said: "The doctor said, it is not harmful to you. If there is damage, this request can not be said."

  The girl shed two tears on her white face and looked at her, still not talking.

  The mother was anxious and said, "Wa, squatting."

  Mother said, ready to kneel down. The girl was busy pulling, and said with tears: "Oh, I am a patient, this big brother is a donor." Said, the girl pointed at him, said to her mother, "Please beg, save me." ”

  Mother stood there and stunned.

  However, the mother immediately understood what was going on.

  Niang took the girl's hand and looked at the girl's bloodless face. For a long time, her eyes were red and she said to him, "Go, my mother won't stop you."

  Niang said: "Come out, mother boiled eggs to fill your body."

  He snorted and smiled at the doctor and the girl and walked to the operating room. He knows that his method has been successful. A good mother, once she knows what is going on in donating bone marrow, she will not stop him.

  He guessed it.


  Six hours later, he donated the bone marrow and walked out.

  My mother greeted me, looked at him carefully, saw him okay, smiled, and proudly said: "Boy, you promised you, I advise you to come, you can go back and drink a few times."

  He smiled and his finger slammed.

  Mother knows that she was deceived. It is the son and the old man who negotiated well.

  She looked back at her husband and said: "What's the matter? A few drinks, let the son buy it."

  After that, he took a picture of his son's hand and smiled. "I donated the bone marrow, saved a human life, saved a family, and the mother was deceived, value!"

  He looked at the niece and smiled.