My friend bought a pen and paper, and asked me to ask a few words to let him hang in the living room of the new home. This made me feel a little embarrassed because I didn't write well in my own words, not to mention that I haven't written calligraphy for many years.

  My friend said, "What are you afraid of? I feel very glorious when I hang your words. I am not afraid. What are you afraid of?"

  I was in front of my friends, showing paper and grinding ink, and wrote four words "often thinking about one or two."

  The friend said, "What does this mean?"

  I said: "It means that my words are not well written. If you see this word, please bear with me. If you want one or two of my benefits, forgive me."

  Seeing my joke attitude, my friend said: "What do you mean by seriousness?"

  "As the saying goes, 'Life is not as good as ninety-nine things', things that are unsatisfactory in our lives account for the vast majority. Therefore, living itself is painful. But after deducting 80% of the unsatisfactory, at least one or two percent are satisfactory. If you want to live a happy life, we must always think about the good things, so that we will feel lucky, know how to cherish, and will not be defeated by the unsatisfactory 1989."

  My friend listened, very happy, and went home with "I often think of one or two."


  A few months later, he came to visit me and came to me to ask for words. He said: "I feel tired in the office every day. When I get home, I see that I often think about it. But the wall is too big, the word looks like Too small, you can write a few more words!"

  For good friends, I have always been responsive, so I wrote the following "I don't think about eighty-nine" for "I often think about one or two", and wrote a "best" in the horizontal batch, and painted a freehand bottle in the middle.

  I did not expect that after a few more months, I was troubled by many bizarre legends and rumors. My friend called one day and said that he was sitting in front of the word I wrote in the living room. He said, "I can't think of anything to comfort you. I will read the words you wrote yourself. I often think about it, don't think about it. Eighty-nine, everything goes well!"

  I was very touched when I got a call from a friend. I often feel that it is easy to add icing on other people's celebrations. It is very difficult to send charcoal in the hardships of others. The ratio is about the ratio of "eight nine" to "one two." It’s not true friends who can’t send charcoal in the snow, of course, even those who have fallen into the rocks.


  However, when a person reaches the age of forty, he probably has developed the ability to "snap and stun" in his life, and he will not care about the icing on the cake, the charcoal in the snow, or the downfall. That is because we have already experienced the pain and frustration of life, and have experienced many emotional encounters and dispersions, slowly searching for positive, happy, positive views in life. This kind of thinking is precisely the idea of ​​"often thinking about one or two."

  The idea of ​​"often thinking about one or two" is to find a dawn of dawn in the heavy clouds; it is to open some quiet news in the red dust; it is on the verge of suffocation, there is a deep breath. .

  Life is already hard enough. If we sum up the 50 years of unsatisfactory things, it will definitely make us struggling. Life and feelings are in a difficult situation, sometimes it is helpless, but if even your thoughts and feelings are in distress, it is self-satisfaction and bitterness.


  I used to read the biographies and memoirs of the big guys, and slowly came up with a formula: all the big men are suffering, their lives are almost the true testimony of "life is not as good as ninety-nine", but when they face suffering They can also maintain positive thinking, and they can “expect often think about one or two.” Finally, they surpass suffering, and suffering becomes the most fertile nutrient for life.

  It is not their suffering that has touched me so much, because suffering is everywhere; what touches me is their persistence , optimism and courage in the face of suffering .

  It turns out that "wishful" or "unsatisfactory" is not determined by the encounter of life, but by the moment of thought.

  It turned out that the quality of life is not "eight nine", but "one two."

  It turns out that the suffering is calculated by the number of people who fall into it, and the quality of those who transcend. The quantity will accumulate and the quality will be activated.

  Since the bitterness of life is only a process, why should we give up our own thoughts to cater to every process?

  Let's live happily in the present, let each and every moment be sentimental, glowing, and poetic!