Yuan Zhen famous saying
    1, the lotus pond is no wave of water, no wind and wind. - Yuan Zhen
    2, self-cultivation does not speak, and seeks no time. - Yuan Zhen
    3, year after year, the old man is faint, and you don't want to be full of tears. I didn’t know where to go, and I ended up here. - Yuan Zhen
    4, once the sea is difficult for water, except Wushan is not a cloud. Take a look at the flowering lazy, half-edge monastic half-edge. - Yuan Zhen
    5, the beauty drunk lights, left and right flow. Wang Sun drunk on the bed, inverting sleep. - Yuan Zhen
    6, but will open his eyes all night, repaying his life without eyebrows. I know that this hate everyone, and the poor couples are sorrowful. - Yuan Zhen
    7, dew wet autumn full of pool shore, the origin is not high. - Yuan Zhen
    8. Last year, Jiang met with the monarchy and loved the monarchy. - Yuan Zhen
    9, not to be ashamed of others, but Lang Lang is shame. - Yuan Zhen
    10, half of the desire for the dawn is not clear, drunk and smelling sleep. - Yuan Zhen
    11, spring comes to love the dream of returning home, half hesitant to dream. - Yuan Zhen
    12, a cup of color is good, ten daring plus. Half-baked and self-satisfied. - Yuan Zhen
    13, the front of the door is the void world, what is wrong with the flowers. - Yuan Zhen
    14, not the flower prefers chrysanthemum, this flower is more flowerless. - Yuan Zhen
    15. There is no foreign object in front of you, and you don't care about things. - Yuan Zhen
    16, the number of scenery in the world will be Jiji, the front of the Lingbi Bridge mirror. ——Yuan Yu
    17, a hundred kinds of flowers are common, partial pick pears and whites. Two or three trees in Jiangtou today, poor and leafy. - Yuan Zhen