Famous sayings
    1, Bao Zheng, soft sleeves. Take a picture of the sandstone board. Must be drunk, no resignation. Life is different. ——Yan Shu
    2, persuasion green wine gold cup, do not think the sound of silk tube. The rabbit can't fly, and there are three times in life. ——Yan Shu
    3, Jinghong went to live and hate. Red days are a long time to add alcohol, and the unknown is in the side of the people, full of tears and tears. ——Yan Shu
    4, you need to know a flower before the flower. Occupy the dawn. Nothing is in a hurry. The dream is floating and the heart is broken. ——Yan Shu
    5, the eyes open the innocent domain, the vines of the ancient vines smoke. ——Yan Shu
    6, a song is full of wine, where life does not meet. ——Yan Shu
    7, Lantang will leave the wine to the guests, the separation of the shackles, the color of the station, thousands of miles of sound will be separated, and some people recall. ——Yan Shu
    8, who is a glass of wine. In the past, the old festival was moving. It’s better to take in the eyes of the people in front of you. ——Yan Shu
    9, read Lantang red candle, heart long flame short, tears to people. ——Yan Shu
    10, the sky outside the cloud, want to go to the fragrance. The furnace smoke starts. In the sound of the broken sausage. Squeeze the double moth. ——Yan Shu
    11, Luo Luo light cold, swallows fly away. The bright moon does not deviate from hate, and slanted to the dawn to wear Zhuhu. ——Yan Shu
    12. Who is the solution to the sky and the spring breeze. Keep from being red. A piece of west flies east. ——Yan Shu
    13, Zhu Xian quiet. Less knowledge. If the day is old, it should be old. Advise the king to look at the famous place. This ancient nightmare. ——Yan Shu
    14, 100 feet of Zhu Lou leisurely, the thin rain and thick clouds, to cover the dead face. The news is unknown, and the sun will only send a flat wave. ——Yan Shu
    15, jade hooks under the fragrant step. I don’t know the evening after the drunk. At that time, I had a total of flowers, and there was no half of the inspections. ——Yan Shu
    16, for me to turn back to the red face, to whom to pay the rosewood heart. There is a love for the wine glass. ——Yan Shu
    17, helpless flowers fall, like once met Yan return. ——Yan Shu
    18, suppress the sound of the cloud, back to the snow sleeves. Accounted for the break of Xiaochun Chunliu. I only sent my eyes and frowned. Who knows about this situation. ——Yan Shu
    19, dew drops and clouds linger. Who believes in the pot, there is no singer. The flowers outside the door are gone with the water. Look at each other and feel drunk. ——Yan Shu
    20, even more so as to climb up, hate no Pengze bitter people. ——Yan Shu
    21, the oblique Yang alone rely on the West Building, the distant mountain just right to the curtain hook. I don’t know where the human face is, and the green wave is still flowing. ——Yan Shu
    22, the two military prostitutes are as light as a slap, and the hundred feet of hoes turn over. ——Yan Shu
    23, full of mountains and rivers empty mind, falling flowers and rain more hurt spring, it is better to pity the eyes of the people. ——Yan Shu
    24. Don’t talk about gold and wine. Into the North must be close to the jade furnace smoke. I don't know what year the reunion is. ——Yan Shu
    25, before the past, when the song is against the wine, infinite to the heart. More Zhu Xiyi Fang Rong. The intestines are broken. ——Yan Shu
    26, the beautiful girl painted a new makeup, opposite the side of the plexus. Try picking Juan Juan. Stick to the eyebrows and learn the green. ——Yan Shu
    27, the lotus flower wants to bloom golden lotus seeds, half red. The evening rain is slight. Waiting for the empty beam to stay in Yan. ——Yan Shu
    28, the beautiful talents pass the letter. Mingyue breeze hurts hate. There is no known where to know. The long story is endless. ——Yan Shu
    29, Wutong last night, the west wind is urgent, the moon is bright. Good dreams and surprises, where is the high-rise geese?
    30. If you teach Jingwei to fill the river, one water should still have time. ——Yan Shu
    31, under the frost before the month, the oblique red light core, bright want to rejuvenate. Mo will be a free time. Leave the person in mind. ——Yan Shu
    32. After the person is gone, the moon is round. The letter is late. Heart and mind, saying nothing, just lovesickness. ——Yan Shu
    33, the opposite side does not talk about the pulse, smoke and water, no one said it looks like a long memory. ——Yan Shu
    34, chasing the past, cherish the lips. For the time being, keep the cloud. At the end of my heart, people in the eyes. Everywhere, I feel new. ——Yan Shu
    35, the face is light, the eyebrows are heavy. I want to dance and shake. Everyone wishes to like the smell of the furnace. For the longevity of a hundred thousand. ——Yan Shu
    36. The wine cellar is scattered, and the leisure stage is solely dependent on the indus. I remember last year, today, according to the yellow leaves of the west. ——Yan Shu
    37, how much life knows, and discretion gold cup. The pharyngeal string is sad. Slowly lead Xiao Niang dance sleeves back. ——Yan Shu
    38, persuasion green wine gold cup. Do not think that the wire tube sounds. The rabbit can't fly, and there are three times in life. ——Yan Shu
    39, the eyebrows are thin, and the waist is light. Make up. A spring is full of meaning, March is like the wind, affecting people. ——Yan Shu
    40. The mountains and rivers are empty and the wind and rain are more harmful to spring. It is better to take the pity. ——Yan Shu
    41. It’s really nowhere to go to the clouds. There are a few hundred years old. Don't come, don't be affectionate, and change your mind a thousand times. ——Yan Shu
    42. The height of the building is arbitrarily, and the sky is far away. Nian Lantang red candle, heart long flame short, tears to people. ——Yan Shu
    43. The red-shirt maid frequently sipped. Turtle cranes come to life. The joy and joy are new and new, and the green jade looks like the old. ——Yan Shu
    44, painting the soul of the museum, high-rise buildings, the sun only sent Pingbo far. Infinity is the departure from the hustle and bustle. ——Yan Shu
    45, the water is light, the sky is long. Roller. High-minded. When Hongyan comes, I think about it. ——Yan Shu
    46. ​​A good wind and a green curtain, a few times the raindrops round the lotus, the wine awake people scattered. ——Yan Shu
    47. A glass of wine is freshly cooked, and the number of songs is high. ——Yan Shu
    48. After the people are scattered, the moon is in the middle. The night is cold. Xie Niang is lying down, Pan Ling is sleeping, and her mind is endless. ——Yan Shu
    49, the moon is good for a lonely dream, the wine is empty and two eyebrows, at this time the emotions repent. ——Yan Shu
    50. After the flowering period, the flower is gradually getting closer, and Hanmei has made Dongfeng letter. ——Yan Shu
    51, eager to meet the eyebrows, the wine red on the face of the evening, a spring dream day west oblique. ——Yan Shu
    52, gold furnace warm. Long Xiangyuan. I wish you all a thousand years old. The finale of the song is to draw a picture, and stay with the clouds. ——Yan Shu
    53. Waiting for the years to go all over the world, the beginning of the spring to the world. ——Yan Shu
    54. The pear garden dissolves in the moon, and the catkins pond is light. ——Yan Shu
    55, advise the monarch to cherish the golden clothes. When you look at the flowers, you have to drink strong drinks. When I am cherished. ——Yan Shu
    56, respect for the green vinegar in the middle of the person, the flower meets the moon and night. ——Yan Shu
    57, only drunken and wide hate, do not have to rush to return home. Rain strips are human. ——Yan Shu
    58. Spring stays in the smelting day, and the product is invincible. Who is the paradise in the world, the water heart hall is half-slanted. ——Yan Shu
    59. If you have a friend, you can't sing "Yangchun". ——Yan Shu
    60, unfortunately, outside the incense beads, do not sing the singer before the jade. Make the star blame the nine heavens. ——Yan Shu
    61, after the cold snow is lonely, the spring breeze is coming. The small screen is laid out with a curtain. ——Yan Shu
    62. The pool is covered with trees in the sunset, and the pool is short and stunned. Wherever the water falls, the people don’t speak, and the east flow has no stop. ——Yan Shu
    63, the water is light, the sky is long, the road is winding. With high gaze, when the geese come, they will think infinitely. ——Yan Shu
    64, dreams and loves each other. According to the front, the silver screen painted candle, and the age is long. At this time, he asked to fly. ——Yan Shu
    65, the sorcerer's dream soul is dark, hate no news to draw a curtain. And leave a tear to say Acacia. ——Yan Shu
    66, when the horizon is poor, only the endless love. ——Yan Shu
    67, the bright moon does not leave the hate, slanted to the dawn to wear Zhuhu. ——Yan Shu
    68, last night, the west wind withered trees, alone on the high-rise, looking for the end of the road. If you want to send a lottery and a ruler, you can know where the mountains grow. ——Yan Shu
    69, Mo Yan thin strips to find tender, afraid of green thorns, smashed clothes hurt hands. It is a pity that Xu and Yue Mingfeng are well exposed, just after the return of the people. ——Yan Shu
    70, when the end of the earth is poor, only the endless love. ——Yan Shu
    71. At this time, the Qinglou Pro Avenue. The retreat, how much love. Do not hesitate to see the future. ——Yan Shu
    72. With Zhu Xi, put Jin Jin. For the fragrant clumps, cockroaches. What's more, the old Huanxin hates the heart. Empty eyes are acacia. ——Yan Shu
    73. Explore the flowers and leave the drunk. Recall the taste of last year. Gold wine, jade furnace incense. Let him be long. ——Yan Shu
    74, the color is long, the book is fine. Who is the channel and the two sentiments are difficult to send. It is a pity that good days are good and enjoyable. Just by the air. ——Yan Shu
    75, Wen Qin to dispel the gods, breaking the robe can not stay. Advise Jun to be a sober person, there should be a number of drunks. ——Yan Shu