Nalander's famous saying
    1, the corridor is a inch of love, the moon is lonely. The backlight and the moon on the moon are ten years old. - Nalan Xingde
    2, the most painful days of the moon, the evening is like a ring, the evening is long! - Nalan Xingde
    3, only meet with each other, it is this life. Can be this life, just remembering when he was doing it. - Nalan Xingde
    4, and now the road is wrong at the time, the mood is fascinating. The red tears sneaked, and the eyes were full of spring breeze. I know that this is not counted, and I say that I am happy. It’s a different story. - Nalan Xingde
    5, Mingyue should be laughed at me, laugh at me, now, let me down, and walk alone alone. - Nalan Xingde
    6, Haitian who put the ice wheel full, stunned. Do not say that the situation, but the value of good and always tears. I should only meet each other, it is this life. Can be this life, just remembering when he was doing it. - Nalan Xingde
    7, the most painful days of the moon, the evening is like a ring, the evening is a shackle. If the moon is finally chaste, the ice and snow are not hot. Nothing is so easy to be flamboyant, the swallows still, the soft tread hook said. Singing the autumn tomb is not a break, Chun Cong recognizes the double-sex butterfly. - Nalan Xingde
    8. How deep is it? The mountains are covered with deep autumn rain. - Nalan Xingde
    9. If life is only as early as seeing, what is the autumn wind and sad painting fan? When you are idle, you are in the heart of the people, but the heart is easy to change. Lushan language is clear and half-baked, tears rain Lin Ling does not complain. He Ruqian Jin Jinlang, the wish of the day. - Nalan Xingde
    10, thousands of accounts are drunk, star shadows are crumbling. Going back to the wolf river, it was shattered by the river. Sleep, still sleep, wake up and tasteless. - Nalan Xingde
    11, the first warmth of the smoke and rain, the end of the flowers and small courtyard. I picked a pair of red beans and bowed my head, saying that I was wearing tears. People go to spring break, and alcoholism has been a stone. Don't be a peach blossom, a boat, a smoke wave. - Nalan Xingde
    12, heavy to the old Ming Road, the cuffs are fragrant, the heart is bitter than the autumn lotus; Hugh said that living in the flowers live, cherish the flowers to spend the Lord. - Nalan Xingde
    13, Qufu deep in the face to see each other, even tears tremble. After the desolation, the two should be the same, the most unsatisfied. Half life has been divided into solitary sleeps, mountain pillows and sandstone marks. Recalling what is the most ecstasy, the first folding pattern painting Luo skirt. - Nalan Xingde
    14, waiting for leisure but the heart of the people, but the heart of the people is easy to change. - Nalan Xingde
    15, spring, red grievances. Cover the double ring, painting the flowers in the rain. Silently, the red tears will be played. Desperate, sweet and light dreams. Reclining pictures and thinking about the past, are not empty, acacia. At that time, weeping willow, flowering branches, full court butterflies. - Nalan Xingde
    16, the wind is even more, the snow is even more, the broken dreams of the township can not be achieved, the park has no such voice. - Nalan Xingde
    17, who turns the music to cool the wind, the wind is also Xiao Xiao, the rain is also Xiao Xiao, thin and light. I don't know what to hold, I am boring, I am bored, I am bored, and my dreams have come to Xieqiao. - Nalan Xingde
    18, I am a human hacker, knowing what the king is tears, and the sound of the broken sausage recalls life. - Nalan Xingde
    19, one generation and one generation, two people, eager to teach two ecstasy. Acacia is not in love, who is the spring? - Nalan Xingde
    20, the moon is full of emotions should laugh at me, laugh at me now. I live up to my heart and walk alone alone. Recently, I was afraid to say things at the time and made a trip to Lancome. The light of the moon is deep, where is the dream come from? - Nalan Xingde
    21, Peach Blossom is ashamed to die, grateful to the east wind. Blowing red and flying into the window. Who is pity to work hard, Dongyang is thin, but also for the spring. Not as good as Furong, a piece of quiet and strong. - Nalan Xingde
    23, the tears are more silent, and the regrets are regretted. With the help of Dan and Qing, the province’s knowledge and profit are not enough to make a sad picture. Do not speak clearly, wake up at midnight nightmare. Qing woke up from her own dreams, and even more, weeping the wind and the night before the rain bell. - Nalan Xingde
    24. Who is the West Wind alone? Xiao Xiao Huang Ye closed the window, meditation on the past. Being stunned by the wine, the gambling book was scented with tea, and it was only ordinary at the time. - Nalan Xingde
    25, the intestines break the moon and red beans, the moon seems to be at that time, people seem to be at that time? - Nalan Xingde
    26, the spring is only to the thin pear, the piece is rushing. What is the sunset near the dusk, there is still no soul in the world. Silver Jubilee does not dream at the time, the secret is the same. For Iraq to be a dreamer, long-term drawing to the night to call the truth. - Nalan Xingde
    27, tears and throats are silent, only regret the regrets. With the help of Danqing, the province is serious, and Yingying, a sad picture can not be painted. - Nalan Xingde
    28, a mountain, a journey of water, walking to the Shaoguan line, night light. The wind is even more, the snow is even more, the broken heart of the town is not a dream, the park has no such voice. - Nalan Xingde
    29, get up and hand in the subject, the two-pointed ice. ——Nalan Xingde
    30, I do not know what to carry, waking up is boring, drunk is also boring, dreams have come to Xieqiao. - Nalan Xingde
    31. Who is the faint crow, and who is the little hate? The rushing snow smashed the fragrant pavilion, and the breeze blew to the gallbladder plum, and the heart was gray. - Nalan Xingde