Zhang Xianliang's famous saying
    1, husband and wife life is a dream. It’s not a dream, it’s a nightmare. Don't be awake! - Zhang Xianliang
    2, civilization, but it is the rope that binds people, so that everything belongs to people, the requirements of human nature have become so complicated, then it is hopeless. ——Zhang Xianliang
    3. A woman will never get the man she created. ——Zhang Xianliang
    4, the husband and wife who can be old and white, probably the husband and wife who can master moderate feelings. ——Zhang Xianliang
    5, art will make people intoxicated, and thoughts will make people intoxicated. If art and thought are top grades, then this is a double wine. ——Zhang Xianliang
    6, nature is full of nothing, but people are eager for love . ——Zhang Xianliang
    7. Yes, the most sad thing in the world is misunderstood by the closest people. Yes, the most sad thing in the world is that you should be the most concerned, but his people are the coldest to him. This makes people feel lonely. This kind of loneliness can best destroy the will of people's struggle. ——Zhang Xianliang
    8. Many bad circumstances will be envied by others. This is the characteristic of our contemporary life. ——Zhang Xianliang
    9. Cherish the fundamental values ​​of human beings such as life , human rights and freedom, which have gradually replaced those seemingly appealing and actually anti-science ideals. ——Zhang Xianliang
    10. People with thinking ability rely on thinking about life. People without thinking ability rely on instinct to live, but they can make people strong, but thinking makes people weak. ——Zhang Xianliang
    11, people think that what they like to eat is the best thing in the world, I hope others will also try it. ——Zhang Xianliang
    12, people become puppets - not themselves, but the high walls on both sides push people forward. ——Zhang Xianliang
    13. The world has a very narrow path for everyone. As long as you take the first step on this road, you must follow this path. People can choose only before taking the first step, once they have chosen. ——Zhang Xianliang
    14. The world is made of iron. There is no feeling, no consciousness, and no silent communication with you. You have to influence it, push it, at least yell, even if it is just a shout under repression. ——Zhang Xianliang
    15. There is no hope and there will be no disappointment. The greatest hope is hidden in all other hopes. In this way, what is lost will be thought to be obtained in the feelings; the stagnation is regarded as the richness of life, and the hunger is regarded as the tempering before the heavens will be reduced, and a modern Tang as a windmill Only Ji Jude can make himself alive. ——Zhang Xianliang
    16. The so-called dissolution is just like a salt dissolves in a tank of water. Finally, the salt disappears, and the whole tank water contains the bitter taste of the diluted prison. ——Zhang Xianliang
    17. A woman's temper is a river that flows into the desert. It starts to rush, and then it will disappear without a trace. ——Zhang Xianliang
    18. Everything is in the dark; everything in the dark is true. Darkness is a wonderful realm: everything can be done in the dark. Anything can be said. It’s not a lie that is afraid of the sun, but the truth is afraid of the sun!——Zhang Xianliang
    19, the woman's tears are the stream of the stream, faint, peaceful, powerless, but can wash away the hard edges of the stone. The pebbles are polished by the tears of women, and the pebbles are only crystallized in the tears of women. ——Zhang Xianliang