Liu Yong famous words
    2. Heavy Lake Dieyue Qingjia. There are three autumn cinnamon, ten miles of lotus. ——Liu Yong
    3, can not bear to ascend to the front, looking at hometown, homesickness is difficult to accept. ——Liu Yong
    4, youth is a glimpse. Forbearance, the name was changed, and the singer was changed. ——Liu Yong
    5, in the grass-colored smoke and light, there is no word who will rely on the column. ——Liu Yong
    6, the hand to see the tears, actually silent. ——Liu Yong
    7, thin and small pillow weather. I feel different from the taste. The number of exhibitions turned cold and it was still heavy. After all, I don’t sleep, and my night is as old as I am. It is also intended to be treated, but it is levied. Also arguing, has been a plan. All kinds of thinking, multi-disciplinary solutions, only lonely and boring. It’s my life, I’m holding you tears. ——Liu Yong
    8, the belt gradually widened and did not regret, for the Iraqi people to get rid of. ——Liu Yong
    10, this past year, should be a good time. There are thousands of styles, and who do you say? ——Liu Yong
    11, Haikuoshan Yao, unknown where is Xiaoxiang. ——Liu Yong
    12, Imagine the original, how many, awesome good meeting; knowing that the gathering is difficult, turned into rain and hate the clouds. Obstacle chasing, no mountaineering water, causing peace of mind, a smashing, never-speaking, but the next floor. ——Liu Yong
    13, sprinkle the river in the rain, wash the autumn. Gradually the wind is tight, the Guan River is cold, and the photo is broken. It’s a red stagnation, and it’s a slap in the air. Only the Yangtze River water, speechless east. I can't bear to ascend to the front, and I hope that my hometown will be ruined. Sighing years, what is the painful flood? I want to be a beautiful woman, look at the building, and make a few mistakes. I am vying for me, leaning against the railings, screaming! ——Liu Yong
    14, cold cut, on the long pavilion night, showers early break. Dumen account has no drink, nostalgia, Lanzhou urged. Doubted see tears in their eyes, even Yuning choke. Going to go, thousands of miles of smoke, deep and deep. ——Liu Yong
    15, since ancient times, sentimental injuries and farewell, even more so, cold autumn festival. ——Liu Yong
    16. The national defense must be in the middle of the sky. ——Liu Yong
    17, nostalgia at the boat to urge. Looking at the tears, the words are silent. ——Liu Yong