Lu Zhaolin's famous saying
    1. Acacia is in a thousand miles, and the moon is hanging alone - Lu Zhaolin's "Guan Shanyue"
    2, Yu Xue is exquisite, with green and red. Life is infinite, only in pains. The scent floats around the curved shore and the shadows cover the Huachi. Often fearing that the autumn wind is early, and drifting is not known - Lu Zhaolian "Qu Chi He"
    3, Decheng is more than death, and is willing to do it. - Lu Zhaolin "Chang'an Ancient Meaning"
    4, 100 gold and heavy clouds, a good and light. - Lu Zhaolin
    5, the next pen is the smoke flying clouds, the paper is back to Feng Feng. - Lu Zhaolin
    6, loneliness, swell, and a year old book. - Lu Zhaolin "Chang'an Ancient Meaning"
    7, the jade cross the main, the golden whip to the Hou family. ——Lu Zhaolin's "Chang'an Ancient Meaning"