Philippe Bailey famous quote
    1, the sweetest is love , the most bitter is love - Philip Bailey
    2. Even the greatest and most magnificent cause in the world - Philippe Bailey
    3. We live in action, not in the years; we live in our minds, not in our breathing – Philippe Bailey
    4, love has given everything, but still rich - Philippe Bailey
    5, even into hell is better than doing nothing - Philippe Bailey
    6, I really want to turn into a starry sky, look with countless pairs of eyes - Philippe Bailey
    7. The world is a great poem, the world is the text of this poem, and our soul is the thought in this poem - Philippe Bailey
    8. People who are incapable of using power are equal to no power - Philippe Bailey
    9. The reason why I like the night most is because she brings the love that does not actually exist into my dreamland - Philippe Bailey
    10, can still distinguish between yellow and blue, it is not a drunkard - Philippe Bailey
    11. Faith is love expressed in the form of expectation - Philippe Bailey
    12, the stars are the flash of the sentinel in the sky - Philip Bailey