Lin Boqu's famous saying
    1, deceiving people to hang down white, to the eyes of the river is not the case. - Lin Boqu
    2, a drop must be returned to the sea, a few people come to this life. - Lin Boqu
    3. Youth is the pride of life and the hope of the future of the times. - Lin Boqu
    4, Bai Shou strong heart taming the sea, youthful temperament to walk thousands of mountains. - Lin Boqu
    5, the Range Rover is the top of the South Tianmen, the footsteps of the clouds and horses. Unlimited ups and downs of infinite sensation, tired eyes on the Kun Kun. - Lin Boqu
    6, did not allow Ganquan stone when the time, into the sea, the crocodile whales. Do not sigh for the Six Dynasties, see the original grass reborn. - Lin Boqu
    7, glorious battles, history, if a must-have eyebrows. - Lin Boqu
    8, the distant water is like a cloud, and the jackdaws are fascinated. - Lin Boqu
    9, and you have all the public policy, full of foxes and rain poems. - Lin Boqu
    10, weeping willows like a waist dance, the peach is dizzy and contemptuous. - Lin Boqu