Dresser's famous quote
    1. When you are sitting in a rocking chair and dreaming by the window , although you are alone, you have to be eager. - Dreiser's "Sister Carrie"
    2. The highest ideal of life is to seek benefits for the people. - Dresser
    3, life in foaming, shining, beautiful talk, loose materials. - Dresser
    4, she lives in the imagination, like the reality of daily life in life. - Dresser "Sister Carrie"
    5. Everyone inevitably has to encounter some crucial moments in his life. At that time, he will be vacillating between the two. Is it strictly obeying morality and responsibility, or just follow another code of conduct and personal happiness? It’s at your fingertips. - Dresser "Jenny Jenny"
    6. In the evening, the mysterious moment of alternating light and night, life is transitioning from one realm or state to another. Ah, the coming night, giving hope and promise to those who are tired for a day! All old hopes Always recovering at this moment day after day. - Dresser "Sister Carrie"
    7. The ideal is the sun of life. ——Dreiser
    8. Nature is not exclusive at all. Even if we are abandoned by a group or an environment, we can still be companions with everything in the world. Nature is magnanimous, wind and stars - all your partners. As long as you are broad-minded and sensitive, you will realize this great truth—perhaps it is not the old idiom, but a feeling, a comfort, and in the end, the essence of knowledge. Between the awkward universe, wisdom is in the silence. - Dresser "Jenny Jenny"
    9. Sometimes we suddenly have some changes in mind and body, and we don’t know what they mean at the time. Frightened, we apparently returned to the original state, but this change is indeed unremarkable. No matter where we are, we will never be exactly the same as in the past. - Dresser "Jenny Jenny"
    10. Dreiser's family air is a kind of flower in the world. Nothing is more gentle than it. Nothing is more beautiful than it. Nothing is more suitable for strengthening the integrity of a family's nature . - Dresser