Dai Shulun's famous saying
    1, the fish Shen Yanzhen Tianya Road, the beginning of the letter do not leave the suffering. - Dai Shulun "Dai Shulun"
    2, sorrowful grief, and leave the smile. - Dai Shulun "In addition to staying at the stone 驿"
    3, one year will be the night, Wanli has not returned. ——Dai Shulun
    4, cool moon like a brow hanging Liuwan, the more Zhongshan color mirror. On the third day of Lanxi, the peach blossoms rained and the squid came to the beach in the middle of the night. - Dai Shulun "Lanxi Yangge"
    5, the swallow does not return to the spring evening, a smoky rain apricot flower cold. - Dai Shulun "Suxi Pavilion"
    6, a long time in the cup of things, when the name of the fan outside the dust - Dai Shulun "The Spring of the Two"
    7. I am willing to have this body to serve the country. Why do I have to be born in Yumen Pass. ——Dai Shulun 
    8, the knife and water will be reconnected, and the situation will continue. The red is chaotic and the east is flowing, and the heart is dead. - Dai Shulun's "Acacia"