Huang Yaomian famous saying
    1. A book is an idea formed by the reality that others have chewed. Reading, you must chew yourself, take the essence, and abandon its dross. ——Huang Yaomian
    2. We think face to face with reality, not by the minds of the ancients. ——Huang Yaomian
    3, must try to write some works, write success or write unsuccessful, you will have experience, then you will know which kinds of theories and concepts are useful, which type is useless. ——Huang Yaomian
    4. Isn't the snow lotus coming out on the ice peak snow ridge? Do you see if he is more beautiful than the water lily that ripples in the water? ——Huang Yaomian’s "The Motherland and the Mountains and Rivers"
    5, although there is no heroic industry, but there is a loyal heart. ——Huang Yaomian