Nanshi famous saying
    1. The eucalyptus fruit is the Buddha's should, and it is now in the third millennium. - "Southern History"
    2, Xu Yuzhi, Fu Liangmou from the total plan, the residence of the upper class, and the Tan Daoji town of Guangling, each with strong soldiers, to hold the court; 羡,, bright in the Chinese Bingquan, can last. - "Southern History"
    3, "Qi Song's turn, a little spiritual, was sent to be awkward, the language is silent. Or by the robes, drink the same as the common customs. Heng Bronze mirror scissors are hanging sticks, and do it." Ask for food and drink, or do not eat for a long time. Prophecy is not a sign, know his mind." - "Southern History"
    4, Lin Qingfeng, on the moon, mountaineering floods, meaning songs. - "Southern History"
    5, Doji sees, angry, Sheng, the eyes are like a torch, and the Russians drink a cup. It’s a dislocation of the land, and he said: “It’s a bad sorrow, the Great Wall.”—Southern History
    6, dog, (Hou) Jing Xiaozi, Shanjia children, monkey-like. - "Southern History"