1. The history of science and technology shows that excessive knowledge information sometimes hinders and limits innovation. - Lang Jiaming
    2. The president of Harvard University in the United States has profoundly pointed out that whether a person has the ability to innovate is a watershed between “first-rate talents and third-rate talents.” – Lang Jiaming
    3. In the innovation activities, only those with broad knowledge, sensitive information, profound theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience can easily make great breakthroughs in multi-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary combination innovation and jumping creative thinking. - Lang Jiaming
    4. Innovation: The real mystery of creating a new world is that innovation is first and foremost an operational mechanism consisting of the quality of innovators and the ideas of innovators. It is an idea that transforms the quality of innovators into innovators. The complex process of transforming the ideas of innovators into the behavior of innovators. ——Lang Jiaming