1. The noble language contains sincere motives. - Song Wei
    2. Those who have read the book are still afraid of what they can't do. - Song Wei
    3, the author may not be able to write old, but he must learn to be old. - Song Wei
    4. Constantly knowing your own ignorance is a manifestation of human beings' wisdom. - Song Wei
    5. Learning means not only accepting new knowledge, but also correcting mistakes and even understanding mistakes. - Song Wei
    6. The deeper learning is also learned from the alphabet. - Song Wei
    7. A person's measure is a spiritual force and a powerful force of civilization. - Song Wei
    8, wearing a diet can be simple because of jealousy, and learning can not be simple because of jealousy. - Song Wei
    9. It is much easier to write ten books than to lay the foundations. - Song Wei
    10, not trusting books can not improve the realm, light books are better than no books. - Song Wei
    11, education talents, for the fundamental. - Song Wei
    12. Successful scientists are often people with a wide range of interests, and their originality comes from their erudition. - Song Wei
    13, the work is incomplete, the power is not in place, only to be insufficient. - Song Wei
    14. Diligence and knowledge are the most beautiful lovers. - Song Wei
    15. People who fall into the knowledge network, always taste the sweetness of knowledge. - Song Wei
    16. Language is a reflection of spiritual and cultural upbringing. - Song Wei
    17. Reading is in a sense to raise the heart. - Song Wei
    18, read a good book, like a friend. - Song Wei
    19, the trick to learn a lot of things, is not to learn a lot of things at once. - Song Wei
    20, the wealth of knowledge can enjoy the satisfaction of the soul. - Song Wei
    21, work hard, less ask for gains.- Song Wei