1. Don't be an official, don't make a fortune. ——Ma Yinchu
    2. On the issue of population, we have to catch up with “quality” rather than “quantity”. ——Ma Yinchu
    3. From the economic principle, the agricultural countries cannot achieve “richness”. In fact, the more affluent countries are mostly industrial countries. ——Ma Yinchu
    4, study and study, we must pay attention to two uncooperative, one is "nutrition", there is no basis for the history of literature, no scientific theoretical preparation, no first-hand information collection, the things that come out, not the face yellow muscle thin, It is the development of malformation; the second is "indigestion". For the knowledge of books, no matter the ancients or some authoritative doctrine, we must delve deeper, chew and think independently, avoid swallowing the jujube, and the clouds are flowing, the waves are flowing, the leaves are thick and the leaves are tasted. ——Ma Yinchu
    5, the body is not afraid of broken bones, only innocence in the world! ——Ma Yinchu
    6. I am 66 years old and 60 years old. I have already had interest for six years. Still afraid of what? ——Ma Yinchu
    7. It is easy to say what people say; it is not easy to speak words, and it is even harder to say words. I just want to talk about people's words, and words can't be said. ——Ma Yinchu
    8, no matter how to do the cannon, the big is to decide to do the end. ——Ma Yichu
    9. To develop foreign trade, it is necessary to develop capital, especially paying attention to talents. Otherwise, ignorance and ignorance, only passive, all kinds of favorable undertakings must be manipulated by others. ——Ma Yinchu
    10. Investment equals savings. Savings is only a negative concept, and making savings work depends on active investment. ——Ma Yinchu
    11. The old man is over 80 years old, knowing that he is outnumbered, and he is a single horse. He will come out to fight until he is killed. He will never surrender to the critics who suppress the unreasonable conviction. ——Ma Yinchu
    12. The so-called Peking University, that is, sacrificialism. Serve the national society, regardless of the self-interest of one's own self, bravely go forward to achieve its highest. ——Ma Yinchu
    13. When the domestic price and the external price are both stable and stable, it is better to sacrifice the foreign price to maintain the foreign price. Because the domestic price is stable, interest rates are not necessary to rise and fall, entrepreneurs have no worries, and can concentrate on the development of domestic undertakings. ——Ma Yinchu