1. A person who can think is really a boundless person. ——Balzak
    2, the value of a person, should see what he contributed, and should not see what he has achieved. ─ Einstein
    3, if you want to know everything at once, it means nothing will be known. ——Bavlov
    4, can not call back yesterday, tomorrow is not true, and it is true that today is sure. One day today, two days tomorrow. ──Yimmanson
    5, the most terrible enemy is not strong in the faith . ─Roman Roland
    6. A person seems to be a score. His actual ability is like a numerator, and his valuation of himself is like a denominator. The larger the denominator, the smaller the value of the score. ─ ─ Tolstoy
    7, should let other people's lives become better because of your survival. ─ 茨bar
    8. The higher the goal pursued by a person, the faster his talent develops and the more beneficial it is to society. ─ Gorky
    9. The value of a person to society depends first and foremost on how much his feelings, thoughts, and actions contribute to the advancement of human interests. ─ Einstein
    10. Only geniuses and science get married to get the best results. ——Spencer
    11, to face the morning light, do not face the sunset fantasy. ─ Carlisle
    12. A person must go through difficulties and then step into the good times before he feels comfortable and comfortable. ─ Edison
    13. A person who does not pay attention to small things will never succeed in a big cause. ─ Carnegie
    14. All false knowledge is more dangerous than ignorance. ─ Shaw Bernard
    15. Take your own path and let others talk about it! ─ Dante
    16. The value of a person lies in his talent, not in his clothing. ─ Hugo
    17. All true and great things are simple and humble. ——Belinski
    18. The most accomplished scientists have the enthusiasm of a fanatic. ─ Beveridge