1. The glory of goodness is in their conscience, not in people's words. - Tolstoy
    2. No money is a sad thing, but excess money is even more sad. - Tolstoy
    3. If the teacher only loves his career, then he will become a good teacher. If the teacher loves the student just like his parents, then he will be better than the teacher who knows the book but does not love the business and does not love the student. If the teacher loves both career and student, he is a perfect teacher. - Tolstoy
    4. "If a person has no enthusiasm, he will accomplish nothing, and the basis of enthusiasm is responsibility." "With or without responsibility, it will determine the life, family, work, learning success and failure. This is all the relationship between people. It is also omnipresent." - Tolstoy
    5, art is the mirror of life - Tolstoy
    6. Art is the transmission of emotions - Tolstoy
    7, a person is like a score, his actual ability is like a numerator, and his valuation of himself is like a denominator. The larger the denominator, the smaller the value of the score. - Tolstoy
    8. All people are part of their own thoughts, and some live and act according to the thoughts of others - Tolstoy
    9. Life without vanity is almost non-existent - Tolstoy
    10, do not know is not terrible and harmful. No one can know everything, terrible and harmful is not knowing and pretending to know. - Tolstoy
    11, public whispers is untrained performance - Tolstoy
    12. In the face of danger, there are always two voices in the human soul that are evenly matched: a very reasonable way to teach people to consider the nature of danger and ways to avoid danger; the other is more reasonable to say that it is too dangerous to consider Dejected and painful, because foreseeing everything and avoiding the general trend is not within the human ability, so before the painful thing comes, it is better not to take care of it and think about happy things. - Tolstoy
    13. Faith can turn devastating despair into a reversal - Tolstoy
    14. The right path is this: draw on what your predecessors did and then move on – Tolstoy
    15. The great misfortune of mankind is that he is not like a blind eye or - Tolstoy
    16. Every step forward in learning is closer to this truth step. - Tolstoy
    17. Reason often becomes a slave to sin and defends it - Tolstoy
    18. If you think that beauty is good, how bizarre it is! - Tolstoy
    19. All violence can make the other party yield without fighting, but can not make the other party obey - Tolstoy
    20. Although integrity is not good, it is evidence of lack of sin - Tolstoy
    21, life, you should strive to make it beautiful. - Tolstoy
    22, simplicity is a necessary condition for beauty - Tolstoy
    23. The image of war is bloodshed, pain and death... - Tolstoy
    24, no simple, kind and true, there is no greatness - Tolstoy