1. For it, it is easy for those who are in trouble; if not, then it is difficult for those who are easy to be. - Peng Duanshu "for learning"
    2. There are two shackles in the shackles. One is poor and the other is rich. The poor people speak to the rich: "I want the South China Sea, why?" The rich said: "Where is the child?" 曰: "I have a bottle of sputum." The rich said: "I have been for years. When you buy a boat, you can't. Also, where does the child go?" - Peng Duanshu, "The Collection of Baihetang"
    3, Cong and Min, can be awkward and not awkward; since the Cong Cong and Min are not scholars, self-defeating also. Faintness and mediocrity can be limited and not limited; it is not limited to its faint and mediocre and mechanically indifferent, self-reliant. ——Peng Duanshu's "White Crane Hall Collection"
    4, my faint faint, not arrested people; my material is not, not arrested. Once I learned it, I didn’t know how long it was, but I didn’t know that it was faint and mediocre. The saga of my capital, the double person is also; the sensibility of my material, the double person also; the screen is not used, it is different from the faint and the eternal. ——Peng Duanshu's "White Crane Hall Collection"
    5, the world is difficult! For this, it is difficult for those who are difficult; if not, then it is difficult for those who are easy to be. ——Peng Duanshu