1, Fuzhou chicken, Keelung can listen. Iraqi people across the bank, how should it not? - Yu Youren, "Yu Ren Ren Ji"
    2, always thinking about one or two, do not want to eight. - Yu Youren
    3, if you don't think about eight or nine thoughts. - Yu Youren
    4. I am buried on the top of the mountain and look at my mainland. The mainland is not visible, only crying. I am buried on the top of the mountain, looking at my hometown. The hometown is not visible, and it must never be forgotten. The sky is green, the wild donkeys, the mountains, and the country. One by one
    5, the profit is counted as the world's profit, the name should be called the world name. ——Yu Youren
    6, do not believe that youth can not call back, not to allow history to become gray. - Yu Youren, "Yangtze Yuanri"
    7, is the sub-road, is Yan Hui, is the era of the strong. For freedom, for justice, for the youth of the times - Yu Youren, "Yu Youren, Fu Sinian