1, courtesy can often replace the most expensive feelings. ——Merimi

    2, her habits, also like all women and cats: summoned not to come, do not recruit. She stopped in front of me and spoke to me. - Merimee "Carmen"

    3, look forward, there is a bright day, it will not make people feel embarrassed - Merimee "Carmen"

    4. I appreciate her beauty, but I am afraid of her wisdom. ——Merimi

    5. When a person talks about himself, he will be smug. - Merimee "Carmen"

    6. I feel that I should not be angry because others do not respect myself. - Merimee "Carmen"

    7. Don't lie under the tree, don't meditate in the rain, don't cry in the darkness - Merimee "Carmen"

    8. Because I am strong, I am particularly bitter for me - Merimee "Carmen"

    9. A river that makes a sound, not water or stone. - Merimee "Carmen"

    10, once the lust prevails, it will look down on its own fault from the highest point of pride, to soothe self-respect - Merimei "Carmen"